questionsdo you prefer the ropers, or mr. furley?


So far, it's looking like Mr. Furley is leading.


Thought they both subtracted from the show. But Mr. Furley sucked less. I mean, who could complain about having Barney Fife as their landlord?


The way Don Knotts played Furley was just TOO stupid. Even then, he was better than the Ropers.


RF was an awful character. The show went downhill after the Roepers left. I have the box sets and I honestly try to stick to the first few seasons.


Another vote for the Ropers....the early shows were better.


I'll take one Roper over Furley. I liked Mr. Roper way better than Mr. Furley. Furley was way too bumbling and goofy, whereas Roper was more laid-back yet dumb. If you throw Mrs. Roper into the mix, though, forget it. She was just annoying.


Furley all the way. The amount of machismo Don Knotts put into that character was awesome, from the lounge suits to the kung fu stances to the animal print decor in his apartment. And then there's the comedy...

That may be my favorite show to this day. I remember crying when it ended. Even as a kid, I felt a sense of despair when Janet turned off the light for the last time.


Mrs Roper was pre cougar, but not too attractive.


I'm old enough to never get past "that's Barney Fife, not Mr. Furley," when I used to watch it. That was the same time Mary Tyler Moore was Mary Richards who worked in a newsroom in Minneapolis & wasn't Laura Petrie who was married to comedy show writer Rob & lived next door to Millie & Jerry.