questionsanyone getting the new sim city?


Personally I'd wait. YMMV.


It has good reviews so far, but it also has bizarre DRM with requires one to be constantly connected to EA's servers just to play, even though it isn't an online game per se. That doesn't sound like a big deal but if in a few years they decide to shut down the servers, then, too bad, now you can't play the game you bought and there's nothing anyone can do about it. I'm sure the game is good but I'd wait until they resolve that rather serious issue before buying.


I want, but have to wait until the price comes down. :(


@starblind: it actually is a big deal now, too. On launch day, many users couldn't get in because ea's servers hiccuped under the load. Also, a game like sim city is the kind i would love to play on a plane, since i travel frequently. no-can-do with this silly DRM.

EA is rolling out this schema on most of their IP, unfortunately... works well in the xbox 360 online multiplayer world, but alienates a huge population of pc/ laptop gamers who don't necessarily care about multiplayer


I bought SimCity 2000SE last week from and have been happily playing that one for less than 1/10th the price, with no DRM.


I got Sim City 4 last Tuesday on Amazon when it was $3.74 (thanks, @bill7718 !) . . . still trying to figure it out (last one I played was Sim City 2000) . . . so no, I won't be getting the new one anytime soon.


I want to buy it, but $60 for a PC game? No discount for doing it as a digital download? Ugh. No thanks. Maybe in a few months.


@goatcrapp: Yes, this! I want my Sim City in flight!!


Your city. Your way.*

*unless you don't have an internet connection, then it's:

No city. No way.


People have been complaining that not only is the active connection needed but because of the data transfer needed the servers have been going down, 30 mins in between log-in attempts, and such. I hated Diablo 3 for the same reason.


I pre-ordered, but mainly because Amazon gives me $20 back in credit, making it only $40 to me. It has a lot of potential (going off of the various videos they put out) and I'm willing to give them a bit of time to work on things (I ordered it retail/boxed super-saver shipping, so I'm not worried about the usual launch day delays since I won't even get it for an extra few days).

I'm not a big fan of EA these days (and even less of always-on DRM) but I've been a SimCity fan for ages. I've been planning to get this one faults and all for a while, sadly it's all too common these days for games to go gold half buggy and have the initial crush of players like a big public beta.


I really really want it. I have the same qualms mentioned above, but the real thing stopping me is that I have only Macs :'(


@wootfast: Amen to that! It (SimCity 2k) is a simple executable that runs in a window, rather than a large application. You can do other stuff while it is running.
SimCity 3k or 4k were very pretty, but I never could get the game to run smoothly at the level of detail that I wanted.


tired of waiting for open servers to play your local game file?
Try out Open TTD - an open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
Aesthetics of SimCity 2000 with emphasis on resource gathering and trains!


@wootfast: Woot members turned me on to open TTD.
They even have an Android version, but it is a bit rough to play.