questionsrecommendations wanted: automatic backup software


This question has actually been asked before, albeit in slightly different form. Howsomeever...

Please provide the following important information:

Operating system:
Level of expertise of boy:
Level of patience of boy:


Try looking around on here. There is a mix of free and free to try software, along with editor and user reviews.


I knew we'd talked about related issues before. Here's one of them (and yes, I do know this is online backups, and you have a hard drive waiting for a solution, but there were some good suggestions buried in this one.

I'll wait to comment further until we hear back on what OS is involved.


edit: This is assuming a PC environment.

I grabbed a program called Karen's Replicator on the recommendation of a friend. It's very easy to use and it's free with no spyware.

Here's the cnet review:
Here's the website:
I think you'll like it.


@shrdlu: mah bad. He's running XP. Expertise and patience minimal. Budget nonexistent. Hence looking for something free. Paranoia level high, hence looking for something endorsed by others to be successful and carrying a lower level of risk.

I actually did look for similar questions, but I gave up when listings on fresh and popular were only showing 6-7 threads and results showed nothing. I'm assuming I was looking when some sort of maintenance was being done. I'm a little relieved to see that the other post was for a Mac user. ;)

Anywho, I do work in technology and do have a decent amount of skillz on my Mac, but Windows is a whole, different, uninteresting world to me. I'll direct him to look into Karen's Replicator per @vfr800interceptor's recommendation, but I'm happy to pass along multiple solutions to make it very clear that this mountainous "issue" is a molehill.


@perkalicious11: Okay, XP is easy. The best option is to use the built in option on the computer. Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Backup which may give an error about not finding a removable device, but don't worry. Click "OK" on that error box. This should cause the Backup and Restore wizard to run. Yep, there's a wizard just for it.

Here's a start from Good Old Microsoft on how to use it.

There's more, also.

[Edit] Sorry, just startled. This is actually easy to use, and even allows you to schedule it. Personally, I'd also look over the CNET downloads that were provided, unless you are planning to help support this effort.

[Obs] Email me when someone else adds a comment? Oh, no thank you, but nice to see it.


@shrdlu: oooooh lovely. I knew it was a molehill. Can't wait to go home and flex some brain power to solve this.



@perkalicious11: I know this is an older thread, but I'm in the exact same boat, did you (er did they) find one to be a good solution?


@spikedknight: yup! I used @shrdlu's solution 3 up from this post: the automatic backup wizard for XP


Kewl, thanks, I just completely wiped Norton's suite off of my desktop last night (so happy I am) and hadn't finalized a new backup solution yet. Thanks!


@perkalicious11: Ow! That just made my brain hurt! I have notifications turned on for when someone mentions my name, and it took me a couple of minutes to realize it must be something OLD you were replying to.

@spikedknight: Yes, this method will work like a charm, and best of all, you don't have to pay more money to use it. Just make sure you have service pack 3 (assuming we are speaking of XP), since Microsoft will no longer let you patch a system that's any newer.

You may believe that you've cleaned off Norton, but UNLESS you've used the tool from their site to do it, cruft is still there. Norton is so complicated that the add/remove program stuff will not completely remove things. Be sure and get that program DIRECTLY from Symantec, and not from one of the many download sites. Do a google search "Norton Removal Tool" and follow Symantec's instructions (well, except for the one that tells you how to reinstall).


@shrdlu: & @perkalicious11: thanks for the inputs-
Regarding the Norton removal, I'll have to dig a bit deeper, I bought a new Acer netbook (with XP-SP3) last month, and decided to not install the Norton trial at all, but still had to go online and get the removal tool (uninstaller) to remove the trial.
But, on my desktop (5+ yr old HP with XP-SP3), I've had Norton Systemworks on it for at least the last 3-4 years, and had to uninstall each subcomponent piece by piece via windows remove programs window, and when I went to Symantic's site to find the uninstaller, it told me to remove it via windows remove programs. Odd.
After the whole removal oprocess, I did a full system search for keywords "norton", and "symantic", and deleted what remnants there were.
Then set my main drive to defrag and went to bed, so this weekend I'll double check and verify if I got it all off (and set up the windows backup tool).


@shrdlu: I made sure I used your name with the "@" just because I was curious if you were on or off. Luckily on: if I'm unable to speak intelligently about the workings of the wizard you mentioned. Glad to have you back. :)