questionswhat do you do, when you have nothing to do?


I tell your wife I love her as well. What a coincidence!

kill some time over on uberhumor


@atd15: i thought woot was what we all did all the time regardless of else needs/wants/responsibilities.


Drink whiskey & read comic books.


Read articles until my brain melts.


I've been catching up on the video games I bought during the Thanksgiving and Christmas sales.


Is it ironic that no one mentioned deals.woot as a time-killer?

It's certainly mine.


@curtisuxor: Yeah I'm with you. When I have some time to waste and often when I don't I frequent deals.woot usually ending up reading the different questions.


What is "nothing to do?" I never get the things I want to do done.


On days off when everyone else has to work, I like to go to stores that I don't like to visit when they are busy. We are having spring weather here, so if I had today off I would be at the Home Depot-Walmart strip buying plants and gardening stuff this morning and spend my afternoon planting flowers and replacing a small tree that appears to have died. Beating the sand from last week's sandstorm out of all my garden furniture, and wrap the day lounging with a good book in the swing under my big mulberry tree which is just starting to make leaves.


Reddit. You won't believe how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Rub one out, maybe five depending on my level of commitment.