questionsis there a way to save a deals.woot search? be…


I ran an advanced search for [ -is:expired] without brackets and bookmarked the result. It's ready to go with a click of the mouse. I'm not sure about the notifications part for a specific item.


I don't believe there's a way to be notified for something hitting your search criteria. As far as saving it - @jsimsace is right, bookmark it in your browser.


@thumperchick: Hey TC, how's things in your neck of the woods? Back to the OP, it seems that I read here once upon a time that you could use and set up notifications. After a brief search, I found this question that talks about similar stuff that's way over my head. YMMV.


@robingraves: Looking at that post about the RSS feed, here's what I've figured out.

Step 1: Get the URL of the RSS feed of the search you want. The easiest way to do this is to first get the search results you want using this page:

Here's the results URL for a search for yankee candle, no expired results, sorted by most recent:

In the above url, to get the RSS feed URL, replace everything before the q= with the following:

Step 2: Now input this new URL and your email address, along with frequency of checking, to this:



@thewronggrape: Um, you're seriously amazing. Thank you for that tutorial.

Still seems like this would be an awesome feature for to offer users, if they're reading!