questionshow many friends do you have with an active land…


hahaha ... NONE @ all ! even my 70yld mom txt now :)


I haven't had a landline since 2003.


i do - my cable, internet, and phone are all lumped together and it was going to cost more without the phone - stupid huh


I cut the cord in 2002. Most of my friends were a few years later. Nobody has land lines.


FIOS comes with land-line service.


If you mean copper back to the CO, maybe two or three people (mostly elderly that use internet from a neighbor's wifi).

If you include things like FIOS and cable modem (ie. VoIP with their Internet connection) then a bunch of people.

I haven't had a landline in almost 3.5 years and prior to that I didn't use the landline I had for about two years (it was active and cost me about $22/month but I only used my cell).

TWC cable (my ISP and cable TV for over the last decade) has tried to get me to add their VoIP home phone several times, claiming it will cost less due to package discounts. However, every time I ask them what the new bill will be, it is actually more (or the same) for an introductory period and then more, plus it comes with a contract for a year or two.

When FIOS becomes available for me (it is about four city blocks away at present) I will revisit all of this, though I doubt a home phone will be part of any package I get unless it really is cheaper.


I do and most of my friends and family do. Better voice quality, no dropped calls, no breaking up, don't have to charge it, more apt to be there in an emergency.


My wife and I were without a landline for several years. Then we got tired of all the problems we have with cell phone calls at our home (we have a cell phone signal black hole on our living room couch) that our terrible cell phone carrier didn't care about. So we added a landline of sorts - we opted for magicjack and have been pretty happy with it. I wouldn't be inclined to pay the phone company for a landline but this works out well.


I use a VoIP landline here - Broadvoice. The audio quality is so much better than cellular - even when calling another cell phone. I also like having a comfy cordless handset that's always charged, and caller-id popup on my TV (MythTV + Asterisk).

I only use the prepay cell phone when away from home ($15/mo.).

A couple years back, DSL + landline was only $1-2 off from DSL-only (with AT&T). In that case, it was silly not to have a local number with that.