questionsshirt.woot inspired cupcake art?


My cupcakes are all eventually inspired by shirt...also one of my fiancee's favorites.


Ha! That's great. But, now I want a cupcake... or 10.


@gideonfrost: How does it feel to say fiancee? Congrats to you and your cupcake!


@pickypickypicky: Confusing and the fact that I did it so publicly here has led to a lot of admonishment when I say girlfriend which feels more natural to me right now. Also I learned that if I spell it Fiance it means I'm marrying a dude but if I say fiancee it's a woman. I never knew that before.

Also Thanks!


@gideonfrost: Thanks for remembering to remember. ;) I'm sure she would be proud of that as well. You haven't said, that I've seen, when and where.


@jsimsace: If you mean when and where relating to the Date and location of the wedding I have no clue yet.