questionswhere can i get a good printer for a decent price?


it seems that HP makes a lot of printers matching your requirements. just google 'aio printer' and the shopping section pulls up quite a few at the $50 price point. not sure about refill ink though. you can probably figure out what ink it uses and check the prices.


@majorbluntz: I use an HP printer, and you definitely need to check the price on your ink refills. I did some research and found a printer for a great price that has relatively inexpensive refills. Hate to say it, but I bought it from


Printers are not where you want to focus your spending. It's the ink cartridges you want to look at.

Cheap and high quality and functional printer/scanners are easy to find because the business model is the same as razors and cell phones - sell the printer/phone/razor handle cheap and make their money on ink cartridges/minutes/blades.

I have an old Canon MP210 (discontinued) print/scan that works well and it didn't cost that much but I search for cheap refills. The non-OEM refills can be risky as they use recycled cartridges and they can damage/clog the printer heads or the ink fades faster than OEM cartridges if that matters.


I got this Lexmark through Amazon a couple months ago for around $50, it's more now but here's an eBay link that's around $50. It has a scanner and copier plus it's wireless. The ink included lasted a long time and the refills are even larger. Print quality is excellent!


@jsimsace: Alright, so I went to Walmart today and bought an HP Deskjet 2050 for 39$. It didn't come with a USB cable (wtf, right?!), but luckily the USB that I used for my old Canon printer worked on it. Awesome! I was not into the mood to buy another USB for 15$+.

The printer took less than 10 minutes to hook up. The ink cartridges did seem expensive, but what can you do? Hopefully Staples has store brand ink compatible with my printer that's at least 5$ cheaper than the HP brand. It also automatically prints the pages in chronicle order (last page prints first), so that's cool. So far, I keep content with it.

Ohyeahh, it came with a free HP bag thing too. Cool, cool.

Got the printer and 10 spiral notebooks for about $49 at Walmart. shweet.

In the words of Ice Cube, today was a good day.


I have used my HP printer for about a year now. I found that HP has periodic ink sales, so grab them when you can. Last month they had 20% off cartridges and free next day shipping. Sure enough, came to my door Fedex next day at 10AM.


I think newegg has great deals on printers.

I highly recommend going with a laser printer. With the last printer we purchased we decided to go with a monochrome laser printer because it is really cheap and we realized we really never needed color.

Actually newegg currently has a nice brother wireless laser printer with the ability to duplex for 80 bucks marked down from 130.