questionshow many people rely on energy drink to get…


Like 5 hour energy or Red Bull?

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I use 5 Hour Energy maybe once a week. I am a notorious non-sleeper, so occasionally I will need a little kick in the butt to stay sharp at work. I don't do caffeine with the exception of 5 Hour Energy, so it usually gives me the boost I need that day...


One Lo-carb monster (blue can) everyday around 10:30. Takes me about forty-five minutes to an hour to drink it. I buy them at BJ's Wholesale. It's $29.99 + deposit for a 24 pack so it comes out to roughly $1.35 a can. I only drink them during the work week and it's a cheaper alternative to coffee, for me at least.


At work the coffee and tea are free, but usually I just drink water.

I think your body and wallet will both be healthier if you can cut down on them.


I've never had one myself. But I also don't drink a lot of caffeine. I have a cup of caffinated tea maybe three days a week (usually in the morning).

My coworker does keep at least in his lunchbag. He has a long drive home and he said that he has felt himself falling asleep while driving a couple of times. Now, when that happens, he has one of his stashed "five hour energy" drinks. He says it helps him stay awake to get home safely.


I've never tried them either, I've always been afraid if I did, I'd never get to sleep at night (though I'd probably get a lot more done around the house!!).

Good luck weaning off of them!!


If you NEED a Red Bull/Monster/Coffee/Coca-Cola/etc. just to get through the day, then go see a doctor. If you can function fine without energy drinks, but you still enjoy the boost you get from them, that's OK, just use them sparingly. If you get to the point that it's a regular part of your daily routine and everything falls out of whack if you don't get your "fix" you've got a problem.


I'm also in the "never tried them" camp. I drink coffee until mid-morning, then am on water/tea/diet soda/beer the rest of the time.


I usually have a cup or two of caffeinated tea a day, mostly because I like tea.
If I am really dragging I'll drink a can of soda (Coke, Dr Pepper or Mountain Dew).
I have one bottle of Bawls that is my In-Case-Of-Emergency-Break-Glass, backup, but it has been sitting in my pantry for a few years now.

I never tried the 5 hour energy. but I keep getting them as free samples.


I don't do caffeine unless it's in chocolate form. Don't do coffee or tea or energy drinks. Can't stand the taste, and don't want to know what it would do to my body. Would rather not experiment.

My husband does the blue can Monster thing. Several cans a week, sometimes more than one in a day. I wish I could get him to quit because I think they're harmful, especially if you drink them regularly. I wish I could give him some placebo that would give him the mental motivation I think he gets from them.