questionsi have been looking for something that can help…


A rope and pulley system that we used with the old tree house could work wonders if suspended out the window.


I've seen people use those rectangle shaped metal carts along with a rope and pulley system. Place a small (but long, obviously) piece of plywood on top of the stairs and pull your cart up the smooth incline. Tilt up the wood when it's not in use.


It is called your child or a neighborhood child plus some cash (see disclaimer).


I use my children. And I've used dogs. other than that, a wagon and a wheelchair ramp may help.


Have you tried a grocery bag carrier? They're padded and hold a heck of a lot of bags that would typically be stacked on your arms.


More information would help. Is it because you have hundreds of steps? Is it the inability to carry the bags? Is the weight to great? Sorry if this gets too detailed, but...

Do you have medical disabilities that prevent you from being able to carry the bags?

This may help find a better solution. If you don't poses the strength, using a cart or standard pulley system more than likely wont help you either.


i have one of those utility carts mentioned above, but mine cost around $22 from a local "dollar plus" type store. also my local Target stores sell them in the home storage aisles

another tip is to leave the heavier non-refrigerated items in the car backseat or trunk, if you drive. i always leave my soda cans, boxes, canned goods, etc and take the cold stuff like milk and cheeses up right away. then i can bring more up the next day or later that day

leave the kitty litter, sodas, cereals, canned veggies
carry the milk, yogurts, frozen stuff, fruits


Do you live in a mobile home? Apartment? If an apartment, maybe you could move to a first floor vacancy. Not really enough info to help. Sorry.