questionsoptimistic? perhaps. please join me on the loveā€¦


So many times, people turn they backs to you
'cause they don't wanna see, what's inside you
'cause lookin' inside of you
they might realize there's something inside of them
they might not wanna find

But it ain't about who ya love (who ya love) no
see it's all about do ya love (do ya love)
See it ain't about who ya love - no no no
see it's all about do ya love (do ya love)

Well well well well
sunshine, and loveliness
ain't nobody feeling no ugliness tonight
ain't it fine like sippin' sweet Georgie wine
see I'm just chillin' with these friends of mine

I ain't tryin' a bother you
so why ya gotta bother me
what goes on in your bedroom ain't no mess to me
you say your God don't like my God
'cause you don't like my friends
but your friends tryin' to kill a man
and I don't understand


But it ain't about who ya love (who ya love) no
see it's all about do ya love (do ya love)
See it ain't about who ya love - no no no
see it's all about do ya love (do ya love)

Ooh one two three
say yeah say yeah feels so good to me
ohh! and ya one two three, say yeah, say yeah
feels so good !!!

I say do it at home or on the street
with a drag queen don't matter to me
it ain't about sex or having degrees
your pedigree don't matter to me
about who ya love (who ya love)
see it's all about do ya love (do ya love)


I asked this question because of the horrific murders in Libya. It reminded me of the wars in Iraq & Afganistan. How different peoples/beliefs/religions upset and, at times, enrage others. I cannot change other's opinions. I can only hope to open their minds to think about & ponder the validity of different beliefs.

I wish you well. Stay safe. Peace!


Make sure you also listen to Keb Mo's cover:
Between the O'Jays and Keb Mo, you'll be full of warm feelings!!


Feel the love gmwhit brings.

The media, politicians, so-called Leaders and PTB (Powers That Be) want to keep selling you Fear.

Fear is a form of control. You'll buy, sell, vote for, kill, believe in anything....all out of Fear.

Think about it.

Stop buying.

Love is Free.

To Give and Receive.


@jsimsace: Did not listen to the entire song. Not my style. But...whatever works, eh?


Guess this isn't my best night....can't see @jsimsace's answer. Was there, I think. Now gone. Or I am imagining it? Imagine that.


@pstrnutbag44: Thank you. AND agree about the 'fear' that is spoon fed to us. Love is not all we need, but we need it. And understanding. Again...Peace!!


@gmwhit: I thought this might interest you. Some people say it was staged, but either way, it gave me this hopeful feeling inside. I really wish everyone would just stop fighting.


@kllangellier: Was not able to 'see' the photos. Know that the some Libyans are very much sympathetic. Thank you!


@gmwhit: I'm grabbing your hand and swaying to the music. Nice thread and nice thoughts. But no fair making me all teary reading this while the carpet cleaners are here -- I prefer to get all teary when I'm all alone.


I'm all aboard any train that promotes good feelings and harmony, because there's rarely enough of it. Good thread! :)