questionswhat are your favorite items received in a bag of…


So I'll start it off... a few stand-outs come to mind

- Hamilton Beach Blender (Red). Came in my first bag in 2007. I still use it.
- 32GB Zune
- Flip Mino HD
- Vulcan Phantom Surface Speaker
- Married with Children Action Figure (Jefferson!)


Never been able to secure one. Although, when I do get one, I expect crap that is more crappy than what you have listed :P


I haven't gotten one, either, and I'm sure I never will. I actually probably have enough stuff to send out a few boxes of crap myself. One of these days I will get around to taking it to the thrift shop. Maybe. I think I need to hire a helper for a couple of days.

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this has to be my all time favorite.

although, there was no charger and i had to get one.


The elusive BOC still eludes me. I only hope that when I score one it will have some great crap and will be well worth the four year wait.


I am so jealous! Try as I might, and I've come close. I've never got one!


My brother got a Dyson vacuum. Because he had agreed, before receiving the BOC, that the contents would be mine (due to a bet), it is mine.


By far the coolest thing I got was from the last round, HP Pavilion G6 Laptop. Other cool stuff includes buckyballs, Aviva fishing boat, and bluetooth headset.


Sorry for my ignorance, but how do you get these bags-o-crap and how much does it cost? Also, what is it? Is it just a random item, or is it just a big box full of random stuff returned to Woot?


Franklin Planner leather notebooks


@acraigl: Thanks for that. I didn't know Woot had their own wikipedia entry (although I am not surprised).


Along with @lichme, one of the most needed items I got was a HP Pavilion G6 in the Woot birthday crap. Other fun items I'm glad I got:

*Whisky Stones (For my wife's Iced Teas)
*Night attack glow in the dark helicopter (not as good quality as the other ones woot sells, but still fun!)
*Blank Woot shirts - I like these because I tend to wear blank shirts anyway.
*Battle Arena for the little rubber bug things - drives my cats nuts
*Motorola sterio bluetooth headset - got in my first BoC in 2008, Died in 2010 :(
*Perfect Pushup - I keep them hidden 'cause they make me feel bad for being out of shape
*2x lego looking iPod speakers - They're great!
*2x Woot Lights - though they burnt out Woot-offs ago

I'm sure there's more, but thats all I can think of at this time.


My first BOC had a bluetooth headset for a motorcycle helmet. I sold it on ebay for $95. I'm still using 2 of the nice camera bags that used to be the B in BOC. I also use a couple of the shopping bags from more recent BOCs. The other big thing I got was an IBM Thinkpad. It has a scrambled HD and no power supply, but I was able to boot it using Linux on a flash drive and spare power supply laying around that just happened to fit it. I plan on putting a cheap HD in it and taking it with me to Bolivia for use as a guest computer for checking email, etc. Other items I see just looking around my room are a lighted snowman that will be used for the first time this Christmas and a big head Spock figure. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the Sansa that I used for several years, then gave as birthday gift to an 8 year old. He loved it!


My favorite has got to be the over sized "High School Musical" old fashioned alarm clock complete with a pink boa wrapped around the top. I've only gotten two BOC's but that definitely stands out.


I got one + frankly there wasn't much of anything -- silicone potholders, a too small t-shirt, some activity books for children, a tote bag and something I don't remember. Meh. Until I took the weird activity books(you rubbed them with a tool + colors popped up, I think) for children to a rehearsal that had some younger cast members and they went crazy for them. One girl begged to take one home. Still using them (there were six sets) three years later when I need to be sure of quiet. Thank you woot.


My very first BOC contained an awesome Cuisinart Blender/Food processor. It was awesome, because I just moved and I needed one! Then I turned it on... only to smell smoke and have the bottom crack, spilling protein shake everywhere. Then I got one of those pulse massager things which had an actual RMA number on it; needless to say, that was defective too. The only neat stuff I have been sent were little things, like a nice HDMI cable, lots of Monkeys, bug swatters, etc. Would love some nice golf stuff if I ever score another BOC! hint hint wink wink ;)


i've gotten some great bags: a camera bag perfect for a brand new camera I had just wooted, 2 really nice gym bags (gave one away and use the other as a tool bag for our small, in-house tools) and a couple reusable bags that I use for grocery shipping.

I work in a fun office, so many of the toys and nick-knacks have entertained us over the years there. Also, we do a wacky White Elephant exchange for the holiday season here, so some of the utterly ridiculous ends up being gifted.

The best thing I got was a brand new, in original package 64Gig flashdrive. At the time, they were retailing for about $150. Plus, it is super handy having that much space. I basically have a backup of everything important ever on it so if any of my computers die, I won't lose the important stuff. And there's still probably 30Gigs free on it for those times I want to take all of my music with me, etc. Eventually I'll clean it off and use it for video files to plug into my living room Roku box.


the best woot stuff i have gotten was in bags of stuff, but not from woot.
the bag from @cowboydann was a very well filled tightly stuffed box.
the bag from @mossygreen was supposed to be a turkey timer, but it was a large envelope with lots of other stuff added.
then there was the surprise boxes of monkeys i have recieved from various people here.

this is one amazing community.


Dog mat that fit perfectly in my dogs crate! It actually has a huge pocket in it and somewhere they sell a heating pad that fits inside.
Didn't include the heating pad. Too bad, dog has started having hip troubles.
But either way, it is a nice pad!

Which proves the crap is a crapshoot. My favorite item would be useless to most people.


My lone BOC wasn't exciting. The best part was the bag: a really nice multi-pocket Daiwa travel bag. I've never seen one to compare it to, but well worth the $8.