questionskindle fire hdx, nexus 7, or . . . ?


I will be shopping for a tablet on the Black Friday sales. I love my Asus TF 101, but it'll be 2 years old soon and has experienced heavy use. Plus I promised to give it to my mom. So I will be looking at Asus, Galaxy, and any other good name brand 9-10" tablets that come up. My friend received a Kindle Fire for his birthday, and our other friend (a computer programmer who worked for NVidia till recently) had a lot of trouble trying to adjust settings, etc on it. I have heard a lot of good things about Kindles, but both I and the person in our group most skilled with computers find this one difficult to use. It also doesn't have any kind of input other than via computer and although we successfully loaded videos on it, we couldn't find them or get them to play from the device. I would think that unless you plan to do a lot of reading, you might find a tablet more versatile than an e-reader.


Thanks. The power jacks on both my Asus computers died; right now I'm figuring out the best people to send my current computer to so I can get it fixed (since it looks like the sticker with my serial number came off and I don't think it's under warranty anymore anyway). I'm not keen on giving them more of my money right now. The HDX looks really nice, but I don't know if I want to give up the straight AndroidOS for what Amazon has to offer.


When I first bought my Asus tablet I had some problems getting it to take electricity. The wall jack is this weird contraption. Fortunately the cord is a straight USB, although I can't get it to work with an ac usb adapter, it wants the strange wall jack. I just happened to order a spare cord for it for $4 because I stumbled over it looking for stuff to make up a $25 Amazon order, and the very week I got it the original cord failed. A strange coincidence. I thought I'd keep the spare cord at work but it won't work without the more expensive wall unit anyway.


The only thing I would recommend is to stay away from the Kindle Fire. Although it claims to run Android, it's clearly a different Amazonized Android. If you look at many of the 1 star reviews on the Android Apps, especially on the free-app-of-the-day (FAOTD), many of them are from Fire users complaining about the program not working, having bugs, or crashing. It's very consistent with the Fire. Every now and then, another tablet will appear to have a problem but it's usually a one-off issue and nobody else with the same model is complaining about the problem.

"Turns out that Amazon has turned off many APIs that are available on other Android devices, so many Android apps won’t run on the Amazon Kindle Fire."


Nexus 7 FHD is amazing! I highly recommend it over the Kindle Fire. The Kindle is limited to Amazon content, when with a Nexus you can get all the Amazon apps, plus any other app on Google Play. Plus, Google Now is amazing. The Kindle Fire is decent, but the Nexus 7 gives you the most options.


I have the Kindle Fire HD and a BN Nook HD+. I strongly recommend against the Fire due to the limitations of the Fire version of Android.

Unless you root, it is nearly impossible to make the Fire useful. Many apps won't run, you can't setup any sort of reasonable personalized desktop for work or play....

It is designed for shopping at Amz and consuming Amz digital content. And I like shopping at AMZ better on my phone than on the fire. I only keep the fire for watching AMZ instant video in HD.

I do like the nook HD. You can get them for a song tight now, great screen, boot off microsd card. I hear there will be a new version, dunno when.


@moondrake: Apps >> Personal Videos for the vids you put onto the device.


I bought my daughter an Asus TF700T a few months ago.
It was on sale for $379 with the docking station/keyboard.

We have not had any issues at all with this tablet.
If the sale were going on, I would actually buy one of these for myself!

The biggest complaint I have seen regarding the TF700T is that the top left corner, under stress, will crack the glass. Be sure to pick the tablet up with both hands for support on the left and right middle, and avoid putting stress on the corners.


@jlowrance: LOL. I dropped my Asus TF 101 corner down on my toe in January and my toe broke but the tablet was fine. At the time I thought "My toe will heal, better it than the tablet". Most of a year later I am about ready to replace the tablet but my toe still gives me trouble, so my sentiment has changed.


If you are an Amazon Prime member the Kindle Fire hdx is the way to go without question. If not then the limitations others mentioned are true though I have all the Kindle fire models I rarely come accross an app that I want that fire does not have. I mean unless you are 6 years old how many stupid apps are you really going to use.

I use mine for reading and Amazon prime videos - with prime you get to borrow a book a month from the Kindle lending library and all the prime videos are free


If you want to use it for anything besides consuming content, I would avoid the kindle fires. You can root it to install the play store and such, but while rooted you lose access to the prime streaming content IIRC. I believe you can temp unroot and dance around that way, but it's somewhat of a pain just to use your device.

@kahuna75 Re: Stupid apps: Kindle doesn't have support for some productivity apps, particularly VPNs. So if one wanted to access something on their remote work servers through a firewall, you can't do it on the kindle fire. And yes, I regularly use these features on my native android phone and tablet, where I can't with my kindle fire.

Re: Prime videos: You can stream prime videos on other devices, too, but it's a little more complicated. You have to install flash and use a browser that supports flash and allows you to look like a desktop (i.e., change your useragent). Firefox was my browser of choice for this.


If money isn't much of an option I hate to say this but the iPads are hard to beat. Take note I am a huge Apple hater and only own an iTouch for the kids. The iPad is very well put together and has the best app support.

Oct 22nd they are releasing the info on the new one so you can probably pickup an iPad 2 for next to nothing then, atleast that's what my plan is going to be.


@zapp brannigan: Money is absolutely an object which is why I'm not even looking at an ipad.
I'm torn. I do use a lot of Amazon content; I buy most of my MP3s there, I'm a Kindle (classic) user and a Prime member. . . but I also like the idea of having access to a true Android tablet.


@curli76: I have the amazon mp3 app on my android devices, and it works just the same for streaming/downloading your music. Plus you can have the kindle app, which is basically the same as it is on the fire. You can also download the amazon appstore for your android device, meaning you can install any apps you have from amazon.

You do miss out on one book rental a month through the lending library, but if you have another kindle for reading, then you may not care as much about that. You also can't stream video natively, but as mentioned there are workarounds to do it in browser. I get the impression that you can't download and play videos you've purchased like you can on the fire, due to DRM constraints. I suspect there are ways around that, too, however.

I've heard great things about the Nexus 7, too.


@curli76: You can put Amazon MP3 app on your Nexus 7 as well as the Amazon Kindle app. You can also download the Amazon app and shop to your hearts content. And....the true can download and install the Amazon App Store on your Nexus 7 and still get the free app of the day. Amazon has standalone apps for everything. Plus, you'll have access to Google Play and all other Google apps. Best of both worlds. Get the Nexus 7 and stop debating. You won't regret it. It fits nicely in hand. Very portable and small. And books look great on the 1080p, high resolution screen.


If you're thinking about a Fire-style tablet, check out the offerings at Kobo. I love my Arc, which was rated as equivalent to or superior to the Fire. They have new versions and sizes coming out, and you can even buy the tablet online now (not an option when I got mine). I'm not a techie and haven't explored lots of the capabilities of it yet, but it does run the full version of Android, has full access to GooglePlay, and is of course linked up with the Kobo store (which has a very nice approach to content ownership). Kobo isn't as well known in the US as it is internationally, but I've been happy.


nexus 7 is fine for a smaller tablet, but for a 10 inch I have had and liked an Acer a210 and samsung note. Both were fairly fast, and you can find good prices on refurbs.


Thanks, all.
You've given some great advice. . . and for now, I've decided that neither tablet suits my needs.

The Nexus 7 is an Asus. I'm not really happy with Asus right now, having had two in a row with power jack issues. I'm about to send my Vivobook out for a $70 repair job. I can't fathom giving them more of my money. I know that by next year, Asus may be replaced with another company's hardware, but for now, I just can't do it.

I've read pretty much everywhere that the Fires are made to be compatible with (and therefore, sell more) Amazon products. And I'm mostly OK with that; I'm a big consumer of Amazon products. I buy most of my music, reading material, and movie rentals from Amazon. But I rely on Google Docs for work and for other stuff. And if I have to switch between Google Docs and Amazon's word processing program, I'm not going to be happy.

So for now I think I'll wait and, in the words of Rowlf the dog and Kermit the frog, hope that something better comes along.


I have a first gen kindle that I installed a custom rom on and I really like it but I too am looking to upgrade.

Whether or not I go for the Kindle HDX will depend entirely on whether or not people are able to easily install the play store and a third party launcher on it or, even better, a custom rom.

Also, I think google will be announcing a new nexus 10 soon so that might be worth waiting for.

I would love it if google released a nexus 8 or 9. I really like the idea of something halfway between a 7 and 10.