questionsare we not even allowed to ask questions about…


Does the product rhyme with yucky walls? Or some other product that rivals handguns in it's danger to children? sarcasm


@okham: I refuse to answer that, for fear that any connection with any product will get THIS thread removed as well.


I have it on good authority from Charles Darwin himself that duckydalls are only dangerous if the genepool needs chlorine.


@tsfisch: All questions and deals that pertain the those cool little magnetic adult toys have been deleted since the end of July.

As per Jumbowoot


@theoneill555: Referring to them as adult toys made me laugh. :D


You forgot to add "Harrumph!" to your question. :)


Alex, I'd like Deal Aggregators for $200, please.


Funnily enough, in my last Bag of Crap I received a toy that had recently been banned by the CPSC. I said to myself, "Well, if woot! thinks it's safe it must be safe." Then I promptly gave said toy to a three year old and left them alone in a room with said toy. Oddly, the toy seemed to have disappeared when I went back into the room later.

Please note: none of this happened. Except for the part where I did actually get some in a bag of crap.