questionsdo your kids believe in santa?


To create the excitement, I have used special Santa wrapping paper and the Santa videos/phone calls, put out cookies and a drink, left reindeer tracks around the house, etc. We also have visited Santa and he always has left a letter with the gifts (which she still has, most likely for future handwriting analysis).
For us, it was not until she was about 4 that the magic of Santa Claus took a firm hold.


We do special Santa paper, gift tags, special cookies made only for Santa on Christmas Eve, special plate and cup to put them on. We ring bells after they are in bed before they go to sleep (or at least we try). We do go see Santa too. We also bring up Santa in regular conversation, like what he does in his off time, how hard his job is, etc.

And we watch all the Rankin-Bass holiday specials from the 70s.

Last year we also did the video -- it was awesome! On Christmas Eve, we had each child watch their own individually, since it was a special message from Santa just for them. Very, very cool.

And I agree with Kophia -- not until about age 4 do they really get the anticipation. Until then I think it's just a blur.


Besides the cookies and milk, don't forget to check out the naughty and nice list on with her, and take a mo' to track where Santa is on xmas eve (