questionsare the amd "shared memory" video cards any…


Oh. Now that I look at the computer on sellout, that one does NOT have a llano chip, so I've edited my post. It's standard integrated graphics. Its bad, I don't think you could do much of any gaming on it, but I'm not familiar with GOW. It's possible you could play on low detail at a low resolution. It would perform much better if you added a dedicated GPU, but then you'd need a new power supply (that 250W probably isn't the best quality)

Most integrated graphics are only good for non-gaming loads. May Intel's Sandybridge HD2000/3000 (the 3000 more so) may be able to handle some light games, but a dedicated card would be much better. Even a cheap one.


I was using an integrated AMD card until earlier this week when my dedicated card came. i could play eve online, but it was pretty damn laggy and the graphics looked like it was from the mid 90's. i think it really depends on your game. the big question is, can you enjoy a game that only looks 10% as good as it should? plus, i hate the idea of my gpu stealing memory from the rest of my system. even if you could dedicate 3gb of ram to your graphics and it looked amazing, thats 3gb of ram your computer could be using to run faster/smoother but the video card has to use it.