questionsis it ok to self promote an item for sale on e…


That would be bad form and I would not recommend it. It is against the unofficial, official rules.


If it's just one item for sale: bad form
If it's your own business thing and according to you it's normal priced: bad form
If it's you're actually selling it cheap (e.g. cheaper than Amazon with free shipping etc): that's ok with me.

I normally don't like when companies promote themselves here, unless it actually is a good deal (the companies that promote themselves here think everything they sell is a good deal, but that's lame).


Keep in mind there will always be someone that thinks whatever you do is bad form. Just the way it is.


Single item deals are generally not allowed. Thanks for asking, though.


Thank you all for your input. Saves me from getting flamed.


If someone on this site has a good deal on eBay of at least 10 items (per the rules) and is a trusted seller...please post it. I might want one!!!!


I was actually going to ask this question myself.

I think I've reached an epiphany the other day to go full speed on my dreams for eCommerce (aka selling things online), and one great way to start off the shop was to advertise here.

But unlike other posters, I'm a well established user here and I'm trying my best not to point fingers here but there are people like Ocheri and such (I can't really name any others, sorries!) who does promote their website.

Not to worry though, this won't happen anytime soon and I have no plans to spam everywhere.

How much does it cost for a "sponsored deal" though?


@joshobra: If your store would like to be considered for the sponsored deal space, contact for details. But if your deal is lame, or sketchy, no amount of money will let you buy your way in. Believe it or not, we have a reputation to uphold.

(From the "What is Deals.woot?" page.)


Wow, I didn't think I'd go negative on my last comment (which really pisses me off how I don't really like commenting anything on deals.woot anymore), but it is what it is.

Definitely not going for the "lame" stuff here, not going to sell cheap crappy headphones and whatnot.. it's going to be stuff like what happened last weekend at my Grandmas 80th birthday party where everyone was trying to order (no joke, even people overseas wanted to order after the video was posted on Facebook) the present I got my grandmother. Now I can't say exactly what it is at the moment, business is business and heck I could see the high potential with the things I will be selling.

So yeah I'm not sure why asking a simple-yet-educated question would cause it to be considered "bad", so much for being "welcome" in this website.