questionsprint + digital for one subscription price?


I found a bunch of kids' science magazines in print plus digital bundles, but no adult science magazines. All I found for adults were People magazine
and Cesar's Way (canine management)


Sorry but Popular Science doesn't get you the print and the digital for one subscription. I had the print thinking I'd get the digital as well but no. Wired does.


I'm aware of one magazine that does a terrific job both in print and in digital versions: The New Yorker. I've read it in print, on my iPad, and on Kindle Fire, & it's very well done in all three formats. But that isn't a title you're looking for, I think.

I think "Wired" provides both a print and a digital edition for a single subscription price; I've seen the iPad version & imagine in comes in all flavors.

One of the unexpected benefits to digital subscriptions: I no longer hesitate to toss out a magazine if I still haven't read that one story. My cat thinks my housekeeping habits have improved.


Make magazine has some fun projects; always enjoy reading it and subscribers get access to the free digital edition.