questionswhat is the best dvr software to use on your pc…


I use Windows. Media Center has been included since Vista. I haven't seen a need to explore other options.


It's not for the faint of heart, but MythTV is awesome once running. Your best bet is to start with something like Knoppmyth or Mythbuntu, as these take a LOT of the work out of it, but there is always something that will be non-standard, and cause endless headaches. I believe they have live CD's that you can try with your hardware to see if everything is Kosher.

I ran Knoppmyth for a year or so before I had an HDTV as it's great with SD TV, once you get to HDTV, Windows Media Center is the only way to go, as CableCARD will only work with Windows AFAIK.


Thanks guys. Currently I have Windows and watch tv over the air with an antenna so Cable stuff isn't applicable at the moment.


@maj11281: Ah, well that makes a difference. If you're already using Windows, might as well use the media center portions if you're on Vista or 7. Does the tuner accept HD signals? Laptop or Desktop?


I've used a bunch of different ones.

I've used GBPVR, Windows Media Center, XBMC, and Boxee. My favorite is Windows Media Center. Even though the others have nice features, I just don't see a reason to venture away from WMC. I even have it set up so it play ISO movies.

If you are just storing videos and such (not recording so much), XBMC is awesome and works great.


I use Windows Media Center as well and have not had any problems over the last few years. I have standard cable attached to that PC. I'm still using XP-3.


how do you get Media center with XP?


@maj11281: wmc with XP kinda sucks. GBPVR works good on XP, but the easiest is WMC on Win7. Get yourself a $40 usb tuner and it almost sets itself up.


@maj11281: Microsoft sold a special version of XP with Media Center. It may still be available although Microsoft is cutting off XP support. I would advise ugrading to Win7. Chances are it will run on your current PC. On most of the machines I upgraded Win7 runs faster and better than XP did.


@mrfitz98: It was on Windows when I bought the computer a few years ago (five, maybe)

@maj11281: I am sure it is better in the newer versions but it is doing just fine for me recording my TV shows on schedule and playing anything I ask of it. My needs may be simpler than others, so that may be why I am happy with it.


The media center in XPMC, vista, or 7 is sufficient for post (my self included.) If want a bit more expandability SageTV or Myth TV are great +1 for those recommendations.