questionsdo people hate on things simply because it's cool…


I really hope not. We live in a age of instant information.
on a side note this remind me of a documentary titled Stupidity.


@meems212: I was just wondering, I posted a wonderful deal for some Monster branded headphones (Not Beats by Dr. Dre) which were a couple hundred dollars below retail and it got downvoted - usually people don't downvote unless it's a bad deal so it leads me to believe they blindly hate Monster.


@coolphilip04: I wish I had a good answer for you. What I can suggest is asking the community about the "Monster' brand, maybe someone has info on the product itself. The Woot! Fam is pretty good about answering specific brand questions, as long as the question is not confrontational, I am sure you will receive an answer.


@meems212: These a a good product, I checked on them and a bunch of the "audiophiles" are buying them because they consider them a steal at this price.


@coolphilip04: I'm sure they hate Monster, but it may not be blindly.

Monster is a pretty horrible company. Their stuff tends to be good - not great - but way, way overpriced.

They lie to their customers and prey on ignorance.

They bully other companies and threaten lawsuits.

More information:

True, that's mostly about cables, not headphones. But I tend to down-vote anything from a company that routinely rips off it's customers.

(For the record, I did not down-vote your deal)


I believe they do. Bieber is a perfect example. My granddaughter loves his music (too young to be boy crazy yet), and they were playing his music in the store we were at. She said "Grandpa, listen! It's Justin Bieber!" and the young woman in line turned around and rolled her eyes and commented on how she hated Bieber... to my 3 year old granddaughter.

So I asked the woman why. "Because he is on everything". I asked her if she had listened to any of his CD's. No.

Too many people "hate" for littlest of reasons...


@anotherhiggins: While I do agree that a majority of their stuff is vastly overrated and/or overpriced, a good deal is a good deal. But I can dislike Apple for their products, their mentality, and still upvote a deal that I think others will find beneficial.


People in general do, because of herd mentality (oh, everyone else is doing it, so I better do it!), because they're trying to be funny, or simply because they need someone/thing to focus their anger on, for whatever reason.

Personally, I try to avoid blind hatred of things that I know nothing about, and will, more often than not, attempt to learn about/experience "questionable" things, if only to see if the rage/hate even makes any sense.

I will joke about, but I generally try to keep an open mind. I know I'll never buy an Apple computer, as the price is absurdly inflated, and I can build a better machine for a fraction of the cost, but I carry my iPhone daily, so there's that.

Sure, there are things I don't like, but if you do like them, I won't be crazy about it. To each their own.


Downvoted because I hate people who ask about hating on things because it's cool to hate them. (No, I didn't really downvote this...)

There are things I will downvote simply because I find no redeeming value in the product to begin with, and sometimes I will downvote something simply because I get tired of seeing it.

Most things I downvote because either I feel they're not a good deal, not good quality, or it's a useless "deal" that isn't really anything more than a marketing tool. (Travel Zoo anyone?)


@whiterice0: I think it is also the exact opposite. It is cool to hate on things that the majority of people like. The idea that everyone else likes X so I am going to be different and hate X. I am a free thinker that isn't blindly following the trend.


Monster cable is on my black list. For putting deals.woot on their black list.


@caffeine_dude: I doubt Noel Lee remembers me anymore, otherwise I'd e-mail him about it...


@caffeine_dude: I think it makes sense because there are a lot of scammers and not-good people who post on so you can't trust everything on here for being genuine.

They don't have woot, sellout.woot, or any of their main sites, right?


@coolphilip04: I boycott all monster, I am no expert, how am I to determine what is counterfeit deal?
Monster boycotted all of deals.woot for a post or two when they could have tattled and had it taken down instead? So I take the lazy all or nothing attitude and boycott them.


@imshadow22: Heh, but then you get a huge enough group that now hates what "everyone else" doesn't hate, and then you get another fringe group off of them that hates the hate of that which is loved...or something.

People will do things (such as hate on things that may or may not deserve it) simply to either fit in or stand out/be original. The long and short of it, though, is that people will show hate upon things to somehow further their own social standing, either by agreeing with a group, thus fitting in with them, or by striking out against the norm (which, despite being "the norm" usually already has quite the "opposition") and "rebelling" which increases their standing with others who share that "grr, take that status quo" ideal...which in turn is just them fitting in with a different group, even if that wasn't the intention.


I like nickelback and creed.

@coolphilip04: since monster products are typically 500% overpriced, even a discount of several hundred dollars would at best be a reasonable price. I hate them because their business model is to rip off consumers with overpriced products.

I hate apple because so many of the people who love apple products are complete and utter douchebags.

I hate Justin Bieber because she still claims she's not a 30 year old lesbian.