questionsgood outside tv?


A free one.

Seriously, find a free one. When it dies, repeat the process. Barring that, find the best sub-$20 TV from a thrift shop that has at least has a 7-day warranty. Same reasoning behind it nonetheless.


That is a good idea, but I am more interested in a flat panel one to put on the wall. Like maybe 32 in.


@usmc827: Well since you have the money, then just buy the cheapest and get a replacement warranty with it, with the expectation that you will be replacing it in due time.

Note that in my previous response, I didn't say "if it dies", but rather, "when it dies". The environmental hazards aren't just from the overhead, but temperature and humidity too - something consumer grade tv's probably are not designed to withstand on a constant basis.


I think what you probably need is a projector/screen. The screens are quite cheap and are basically just sheets so they can't really break and the projectors are quite small so you can move them inside when not in use rather easily.