questionshelp me find a good single cup coffee maker?


I know you said you didn't want a pod-based ssytem, but trust me here. You can buy a reusable filter for Keurigs so you can use any coffee brand and not have to buy the wasteful pods.

Find a used Keurig on Craigslist. Make sure it works by having the seller brew three straight cups for you.


@narfcake speaks wisely! I have this one rather than the fancy stainless version:
and, seriously, I've been using it for 10 years, and I can't break it. It makes really good coffee.
I have New Coffeemaker Lust and long to replace it, but I can't because it works just fine.
I just use regular filters instead of the reusable one that comes with it for a stronger cup. Good luck!


The Keurig ones are definitely very solid. If you want, you can check out some of the reviews here to help you decide


Spend about $5 shipped and get a single cup Melitta Filter Cone, place on cup and pour water through it.