questionshas anybody used any of the cheaper laser…


I am not sure with the Samsung and the HP's but I have a Brother Laser printer that I bought for $100 and it works awesome. If you turn up the quality (there is an option for different qualities for ink saving purposes) to full then It seems to have almost photo quality. Even If you get one of the more expensive, $300-$400, ones then you will save yourself so much money it will pay for its self.

1 inkjet cartridge last about 100 pages (estimate), a laser printer toner cartridge last about 1000 pages (estimate). The toner cartridge usually cost around the same price as an inkjet cartridge. Instead of $300 for 10 inkjet cartridges (average price). You will only have paid $40 (average price) for a toner cartridge.

Here is the model I use and it was $90.

The Black Print Quality for this is 2400 x 600 dpi. Most cheaper inkjets Black Print Quality is 600 x 600 dpi.


we have a 99$ hp wireless laser printer, works fine other than a little difficult to change routers from the original one you set it up on