questionstime for a happy thread


There's always room for a happy thread!!! This image makes me want an eggnog, spiked of course.


My annual contribution:

The action varies after a vigorous shaking.


Have a rockin' little Christmas!


@hot72chev: love seeing all the 80s hair and fashion ! What were we thinking ? lol
I guess someday we will look back at 2013 and say the same thing.


Well, for most people it's Christmas. For me it's my 5th anniversary of marrying my wife. It's its own Christmas gift.


@xavoc: I just cruised this thread to see if any cool new stuff got added, and come across your post, and see that it had. Congrats! In your case, is Merry Anniversary the correct salutation? Anyway, I will double up my cheer for you, and toast one to you and your family.


@pickypickypicky: I happen to be drinking eggnog (unspiked) here at my desk while I am reading this. Sorry I missed it when it was new. I hardly turn on the computer on the weekends.


@moondrake: I guess that's what we get for not subscribing. :-\
Serves me right, I knew that this would be a good thread. You are welcome to join me in toasting them on Christmas, of course. Alcohol not required, but good spirits like you always welcome.