questionswhere do you get woot bux from?


From woot banq.
Edit: Jumbowoot emails you a coupon code. Many reasons for why that happens.


There are no such things as "Woot bux." However, if you are an active voting member here on, participating by voting, posting deals, making comments, etc., you might be lucky enough to be awarded a special savings coupon bestowed by our @Jumbowoot. I kinda like to think of him as the Man Behind the Magical Woot Curtain. The coupons vary in amount, and we love to find them in our email In Box no matter the amount!

Basically, be active, play nice, and good things just may come your way.


The Big Guy. Plus, what they ↑↑↑↑↑ said.


@lavikinga: The first, and only, time I got a bux from jumbowoot I thought the email was a malemail of some sort. I was ready to contact woot to ask them if there was a staffer jumbowoot. Fortunately, I asked a friend who is a wooter and he filled me in when he stopped laughing.