questionsis woot getting shut down in texas?


Well, after reading all the way through the #$& article, and then the article from the Seattle Times that it referenced, I can say that it isn't Woot, but Amazon itself. To quote from the article:

"The Irving distribution center, known as a fulfillment center, opened in 2005. During Amazon's fourth-quarter earnings conference call last month, CFO Tom Szkutak said company had 52 fulfillment centers after adding 13 in 2010."

Hope that eases your mind.

Of course, I could be completely wrong on this. Here's the original article.


@shrdlu: Ahh, thanks. It looks like I didn't analyze it enough when I was reading it. :-)


Me too. I was wondering the same thing. I was worried about our friends in Carrolton.


Amazon has had a distro center in Irving for a long time. Before they teamed up with Woot.