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For the children ;) amongst us, many of the older episodes are available on Amazon Instant Video. You really cannot claim to be a Doctor Who fan until you have watched all of the episodes (or listened to, for the missing ones).

I have about 201GB tied up in each copy of the first 26 seasons.


David Tennant, hands down.

Favorite companion: Rose

And a shout out to Captain Jack :)


I would love to watch the older ones on instant video, but I'm flat out broke and don't have a Prime membership anymore :-(

Out of the three newer ones, I think that Tennant was the best, but Eccleston was the first doctor I'd watched, so he's my favorite.

@okham: I disagree. When you think about best companion you gotta give it to Donna. But that's just my opinion.


baker & tennant

I discovered dr who on pbs 54 in san jose when I was about 13, tom baker.


Tom Baker is to Doctor Who as Sean Connery is to James Bond.


@kamikazeken: I don't torrent. I have these weird delusions that the second I join a torrent site, my ISP's office will have an alarm go off and I'll be banned from the internet forever. I'll simply wait until I have the monies to buy a membership to Amazon Prime so I can watch them there without feeling paranoid. Thanks though.


As for my favorites, I have to admit that I like almost all, with David Tennant, Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee (not necessarily in that order) being my favorites. (Baker for the scarf and Key to Time episodes, Pertwee for Bessy and the Silurians and Tennant for just being himself.)

I rank Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston in my second tier (Eccleston had some of the same qualities that Tennant brought to the role and Matt Smith is the reigning Doctor, after all).

My third tier is everyone else save Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, who I liked least, though even they were enjoyable to watch. (I think part of my feelings for Colin Baker stem from the way he parted company with the show.)


Christopher Eccleston. I haven't ever been a Dr. Who fan (blasphemy, I know), it's just too campy for me. But even when he's being silly Eccleston has a certain gravitas that made the show more appealing for me.


I've only watched the newer seasons. I've tried to watch a few older ones but just couldn't get into it. Perhaps I picked the wrong episodes.

Eccleston was my favorite of the recent three. His portrayal had some depth.

Tennant was also great. Very enjoyable episodes, which was aided by better writing than the Eccleston season. However, I was getting tired of him telling everyone he's so so sorry. Sooo sorry.

Smith... I'm still on the fence. His goofiness lacks the charm Tennant had. The stories in his season have not been my thing, though, so my review lacks objectivity.



Donna was the companion closest to the Doctor as a friend (barring the whole Rose affair). She certainly was never cowed by the Doctor and stood up to most of his enemies as steadfastly as he did.

PM to you just now, btw.


@captainsuperdawg: I liked Donna too, but Rose was my first companion as an adult, and you never forget your first.

And she kicked butt. I like that in a woman.


From the classic series for me it's pretty much a dead heat between Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, and Tom Baker. In the new series, I give a slight edge to Eccleston over Tennant although I have enjoyed all 11 of them in the role.


@okham: You would have liked Leela. She was a warrior and never afraid to get all stabby on folks.


@hossdawg97: I vaguely remember her from when I was a kid. But she sounds like a good one.


@okham: She did kick butt, but she was so lovesick towards the end and when she "died" the Doctor was all weepy and crap, but then Donna came (after Martha, who was good) and brought a lot of fun, humor, and emotion into the companion role and I just really loved that. Plus she was sassy and didn't mind to speak her mind and disagree with the Doctor. And that's what I like in a woman.


I dont really know why, but I rather enjoy Matt Smith. It also might have something to do with his companion Karen Gillan. But thats just me.


@moondrake: Totally agree. He had that look where he could slip into a psychotic break at any point in time. I always felt he had a much larger presence than Tennant ever had with constant subdued intensity.

The problem is the writing got a lot better while Tennant was the Doctor, so most of my favorite episodes have him instead. I would have loved to see Eccleston in "Blink".


Total newb I guess but I really enjoy Matt Smith.


@gregorylikescheapstu: I like Smith. I think he has that kinda "I'm big, I'm bad. I'm the Doctor and you should be scared." kind of attitude and it's really interesting to me to see that. Eccleston was this cheery, charismatic, tough looking guy who had a dark past that he was definitely bitter over. Tenant was witty, bright and always switched between charismatic, sad and extremely angry and vengeful.

@jeremytheindian: I am too. But yeah, Matt Smith is good. I can't honestly say that I dislike any of the three Doctors since the revival.


I've been watching Doctor Who since Tom Baker (staying up late in the barracks on a Saturday night, annoying the watch as they were making their rounds).

I really like Christopher Eccleston's Doctor but then I like Christopher Eccleston.

David Tennant was a really good Doctor.

Tom Baker and his scarf are just classic.

I loved the script for "The Eleventh Hour" but something about Matt Smith was off for me. After I figured out what was off and could look past it, I have to say that Matt Smith is my favorite Doctorand I hope the show (and Matt Smith playing the Doctor) continues past series 7 (which according to rumors, we frakin' won't get to see until fall of this year)

I also remember being very, very little and watching Peter Cushing play Doctor Who and fighting Daleks. Anyone see those?


@captainsuperdawg: the way I look at torrenting tv shows is I currently have paid access to just about every channel, so I have legal rights to view any tv show, and torrenting is my dvr.

@captainsuperdawg: BLINK was definitely one of the best dr who stories ever, and I've seen about 75% of all of the episodes.


I've been watching since jr. high, and I'd say Eccleston was the best. Tom Baker is the icon, but he's not really acting per se, he's just naturally a Time Lord in his normal life so I don't think it's fair to include him.

I would punch a kitten to see Eccleston in a Robert Holmes written Doctor Who.

edit: What I like most about Tennant is that he was a fan first and a Doctor second. I bet nobody else will ever have his love for the role.


Tom Baker :::swoon::: It's true: you never forget your first Doctor!

As for favorite companion, I can't decide between Rose, Martha, and Donna. Okay, it would be Martha. And she makes a damned fine lawyer, too, even in that silly wig.


I like Eccleston and Tom Baker with that wild scarf, and Matt Smith IS good, by my Doctor is David Tennant.

Rose is a favorite companion, but Donna was really something and is probably my favorite. Amy Pond is great as well.

Where to start? I recommend starting with Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, and watching them in order to present day. If you have access to earlier episodes with earlier Doctors, and can deal with the early production values, go for it. Dr Who is always fun and can be food for thought.