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I just realized I should probable also add that I plan to use it in my bedroom, approx 12' x 17'...maybe? It'll predominantly be used a little before bed and overnight, so 10+ hour operation would be nice.


@sgoman5674: That's actually one of the ones that I was considering. It gets bonus points for its unique shape. ;) Some of the reviews complained that it was difficult to fill...? Obviously that's subjective, so I wasn't sure how much weight to put on that.

I also got excited that it was a 2.3-gal model! Until I read one of the reviews (or the description?) that said it could vaporize 2.3 gal in a day but the tank only held 1 gallon. Boo for title deception!

Do you have any experience with this brand or model?


@perkalicious11: I have a vicks 1 gallon ( but it requires a filter. There are two "speeds" on it the low is quiet but the high is loud. My wife uses it to drown out my snoring. It's easy to fill and use. I like it but finding filters for it locally are a pain in the butt.


One thing that I would recommend is to get one with a filter but use one of those cleaning tablets/doohickeys that you can drop in the tank to make the filter last longer. The filters last longer that way. Another benefit is that it takes less time to change a filter than to clean the machine. Money you can get back, time not at all.


@sgoman5674: I guess I'd never though I might actually want a filter... I had one in college that used filters like they grew on trees! How much are these drop-in's of which you speak?

It just seems like the filters add a lot to the overall cost of the unit; I was hoping that using distilled water (I have an in-home distiller, so I wouldn't be buying jugs of water) would reduce the frequency that the machine needed to be cleaned. I still had to periodically clean the one I had in college, so I thought it was a wash. (No pun intended.)


@perkalicious11: I just read somewhere that warm humidifiers are the best, because the cold ones can grow bacteria easier. Hot wasn't good for some other reason, I'm not sure why Ah! It was in What To Expect In The First Year

Perhaps this only applies to infants? IDK. Maybe others know more about this?


keep it an easy clean model. Mold loves moist areas.


I second lavikinga's statement and add that certain bugs that creep the hell out of my wife also love humidity.


@lavikinga: shoot, I hadn't thought of that. Will that be listed as a feature?

@sgoman5674: eeeeeew bugs! :(

@moldyearwax: I did a "search inside" of that book you linked. It said "the old-fashioned hot steam humidifier is not recommended because it can lead to burns." Makes sense, but I feel like warm would be the solution to hot...?

My boyfriend's mom prefers the warm mist humidifiers, but we found it made the bedroom uncomfortably warm a few hours into the night. We like it cooler when we sleep. The bedroom size is different, though. Input?


@lavikinga: Yes, just ask my nether regions, jungle rot gone wild down there.


@punprone: Perhaps take up wearing a kilt while hanging around the house and...let things "air out."


@punprone: also, wash it regularly to prevent mold growth.


I am a dolt! Picked this up at Walmart for around $16. Extremely easy to clean. Has a larger "foot print" than what I would have wanted but I needed one right at that moment. Has a nice feature to add Vick's mentholated concoction directly to the water and another brand...well, it fits somewhere on the top. It seemed to work well for my youngest. (She & her twin brother were delivered early at 36 weeks. She suffered from asthma as a child but has rare problems with it these days until she gets a cold. This worked like a charm.)