questionswanna be the owner of your own deals.woot fantasy…


Thanks for posting this! I'm back from my lunch now and, for the record, I was waiting until we had a full roster before I picked Draft Order but I'm going to do it anyway. Excpect an email soon. The random generator I use emails instantly when it's done.

And the draft is at 7 CENTRAL. 8 EASTERN.


@bonoman: Glad to help. Hopefully, we will get a new team owner soon. Perhaps another wOOt staff member. Any takers?


I personally challenge all deals.woot staff to accept this team. It's tough work in a league this size (thank the FSM it's not 14 teams though!).

I can almost guarantee that I will not have a repeat performance this year.


Ok the spot for the team owner position has been filled. @daveinsocal has accepted the invite. What he is doing on the internet the day before he is getting married we do not know. But we love to have him.

Congrats on your wedding. I hope it is a beautiful event for you all. Also, good luck on the autodraft and we will talk to you soon!


He wasn't the one that dropped out. He was already invited. It was PBX001 or whatever that dropped out.


my bad.. I thought you said he just accepted. I am surprised that no spammers dropped out. Oh well. It was a good draft.

vote-for1vote-against do we still not have an owner for the 12th team?


Got a message today actually and forgot to respond.


Are you interested in playing? If so email me at