questionsdid you notice the pieces of crap are back?


no I did not. Thank you for the heads up


You beat me to it!

For those who are wondering what's in the giveaway:


@thunderthighs: Ummmm... I'm telling... They're cheating, thuderthighs! Start deleting some posts and threads! They're posting the link here so people don't have to follow woot on facebook! Not fair. They "should have to look just like everyone else". Right?

Or is it only cheating when it's for a real BOC that you have to pay for? ;-)


@bsmith1: Couple things.

1) Post jacking is not cool.
2) The Bag of Crap link was posted on WOOT itself. Not just facebook. If anyone were to look at at the time it was available, they would have seen the "fertilizer sale" and realized it was probably a BOC.
3) POC's are posted in the woot forum, but not on the main page. So the only way to know about them is to be part of the social media sites Twitter, Facebook, etc.
4) This is a sweepstakes type thing, not a sale. You have to enter and read official rules and such.

Apple, meet orange. Orange, meet tattle-tail.


@thumperchick: Few things:
1) Facebook followers have an advantage for both the BOC and this contest.
2) That's why woot uses social media for this sort of thing; to gain followers with these enticements.
3) Posting here allows a person to be aware of either event without having to follow woot on social media. Thus, both are considered "cheating".

It's more like Granny Smith Apple to Red Delicious Apple. Still both apples.
Sorry to "post jack" you. Whatever that is, it sounds awful. (^_^)


@bsmith1: there was no real plan with the BOC + Facebook. I posted a link on FB to a Plus sale with no comment as I do every morning, it just happened to pay off for the people who clicked through this time.

It ain't cheating posting POC stuff here because I don't care who enters (though I ain't gonna lie, it would be nice if peeps liked the page).


A) I wasn't told about it.
B) I wasn't working.
C) It's a random drawing. Much different.
D) Don't be a whiny wooter.


@thunderthighs: Pfftt..all likely excuses... Too late, you've already made my blame list! It's all thuderthighs' fault! Always.

Just kidding, chum. Keep up the good work.


I missed it. How? I don't know. I must of been here at some point. Been a deal fool last couple days. On a binge.
It's just like on woot offs when I am waiting for something in particular. If I go to the BR then it will come up. Guaranteed. and NO I wasn't in the BR all afternoon while this was going on smart alecs.

Congrats to the winner(s) ! Here's to all the players too !

And thank you for posting @thumperchick . I very much appreciate it !


I can't get to facebook so I need every fresh news posted here. Thanks!


@thumperchick: Fertilizer sale....bag of crap...

I get it!

That would have gone way over my head. Bravo, Woot. And @thumperchick.