questionsdid you hear about aaron hernandez the nfl player?


Isn't he also being sued by another friend for shooting him in the face? Thug-life! Live it hard, I guess.


Whether he was the actual killer or not, he certainly is involved somehow. Why are so many NFL players so stupid in the friends they keep and the circles they travel in? Sounds like the whole NFL "culture" could well do with a reset.


@zuiquan: Yeah, he shot a friend in the arm. The bullet went through his arm and blew out his eye which has now been replaced with a prosthetic.

It's sad to see it happen. He was a rising star in the great line-up of players in the TE position. You would have heard his name had it not been for the record-setting Gronkowski on the other side of the field.

With Gronkowski injured, Hernandez indicted, and Welker going to the Broncos, I fear the Patriots dynasty is over. Their short comings with the running back position the past few years was bad, but this takes things to worse. I guess I won't be drafting Brady this year.


@capguncowboy: Luckily for them they've recently signed a soon-to-be ex-quarterback they should be able to convert into a tight end.


@zuiquan: I can't believe the media is still pumping air into Tebow's career... I really do hope the best for him but I don't expect anything.


@capguncowboy: I've always thought he was a bit off his rocker, I mean if you were to sit around at your work and sing all the songs and babble like he does on the sidelines or during the game you'd be shown the door and possibly referred for a psych evaluation. He seems like a nice guy and everything but I feel like he's been coddled a lot and had a lot of strange behavior overlooked because he could *throw a football.

The * is because this point is debatable.


This guy is totally going down for this. According to that article they've got him on surveillance camera with the victim as well as the victim's final texts that directly implicate Hernandez.


Hernandez is a sociopath apparently.. just going around shooting everyone that hurts his delicate ego.

oh and he's not too bright either apparently... deleting surveillance footage? Breaking his cell phone? Um, doesn't he realize it's not 1970 and everything digital can be recovered?

He's smug, arrogant, and looks like he thinks he's above the law. He had a promising career - made tons of money, and the idiot threw it all away ... i guess it's not so good to be a gansta now, is it...