questionsanother revisited feature request: can we be able…


Type it into the title like everyone else does...


...Yea, just type '+$1.99 shipping' after the title. Don't check, 'free shipping' of course. :p


@wootbot makes mistakes too. :)
The title should be the title. The mods sometimes remove all the extra stuff like that.


Yeah like everyone else said, just put it in the deal title. That's what I do. Getting a bit irritated with people ticking free shipping when they are referring to Prime though.


@bonoman: If the deal title is short enough, some times "s/h free w/Prime" will fit. At the very least, I like to know before clicking through whether it's eligible for Prime's free shipping or Super Saver. It's an added incentive if it is.

Just wish places like Target would give a ballpark s/h prior to me giving them credit card and home address information. I hesitate posting deals from the because I can't let the community know what I feel is important info.


@wootbot can do it cuz it's scripted to post that way from the RSS feeds. it doesn't have to use a webpage to post, but we do and the webpage has restricted input layout

wootbot's subject lines = item $price $s&h
regular wooters = item $s&h $price -OR- item $price freeS&H

i've seen some vendor deals get fixed to display like wootbot's example above with the item, $price, and $s&h. before being fixed they listed the shipping info themselves like item $s&h $price.
right now there's no way for us to put anything after the price. it has to be either the mods fixing it that way or @wootbot who always formats that way


Well @wootbot is a special special bot. And he does not like to be questioned about his special status with the humans who run Woot.

At least that is what he tells me when I bring it up.