questionsdid you know today is "love your pet day"?


When we had a pet, everyday was love your pet day.


Unfortunately, that's illegal in my state.

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What a perfect time of year for it too. Smack dab in the middle of winter when walking your dog is impossible of not down-right dangerous. By the way is this a British site? They spelled favorite all funny.


I work at an animal shelter, should this be a paid holiday for us? This explains why my dog was mad that I was leaving this morning :)


At my house we celebrate this every day.


I didn't, but I think my dog did. He was all snuggly and lovey dovey when I went home to feed him at lunch. Maybe in dog-world, today is also "love your human" day. Of course, every day is love my pets day. Soon it will be too hot for cuddling, but it is still cool enough that I spend my evenings with my Great Dane on one side of my sofa, and my Siamese curled up on the the arm of the sofa on the other side.

@eraten: sorry the weather where you are is no good. Up till 2pm today we'd been having lovely weather all month, but a desert sandstorm has hit and we are enduring 60mph sandpaper winds now. But I took Simba to the dog park on Sunday and he was so well behaved that I am looking forward to going back this weekend if the wind lets up. I haven't taken him much as he used to have a serious alpha male aggression problem, and that's a big deal in a 140lb dog. But we have worked really hard on it and he seems to understand what's expected of him these days.