questionshow do i interpret the numbers re: "reputation"?


The higher the number, the higher the reputation.


0/100 0 is your current score, out of 100...


Think of your reputation number as how well you're doing in life. The higher your number, the better person you are. The leaderboard is much like a popularity contest, only this contest actually matters in real life. If you ever find yourself sitting pretty on the top 15 of the leaderboard, you are legally and morally obligated to offer sacrifices to the Woot gods, but in return, you will be blessed with powers beyond the imaginations of men. A fair trade off IMO. I can shoot lightning out of my fingers like the Emperor from Star Wars :-)

Good luck and enjoy your time rising through the ranks here at deals.woot


Went to a tarot card reader & asked about my reputation - she said it was tarnished. I interpret that as bad :-( Or good depending on my mood. :-)


Ouch! Guess the tarnished is in full force. My rep. just went down .10 points in the last 15 minutes. During that time, I was voting on deals & questions and adding comments to both. My awesomeness has hit a low. Interesting. Or not.

Maybe I should find a deal for Tarn-X, list it, buy it & slather it on?



This is to be expected.

Your rep is a function of many things, some quite arbitrary and esoteric.

However, in terms of voting on deals and questions, it is based on the number of votes that follow yours AFTER you've voted, divided by the number of times you've voted (or something like this). Think of this like a fraction.

When you've just voted on a bunch of things, the denominator (bottom number) of the above fraction is bigger, so the contribution to your rep is divided by a bigger number and thus is smaller.

As other people vote for the same deals, the numerator (top number) of the above raction goes up and the contribution to your rep also goes up.

This is why getting your votes in early (for a given deal) is such a good thing for your rep (because you get more credit for all the other voters that "follow your lead").


As for the original question, it is simple:

Higher is better. It is a scale from 0 to 100 (tehnically a percentage) and based on the thins you do, like voting for deals, questions and comments. posting deals, questions and comments, and tattling on expired and duplicate deals.

In terms of voting, the more people that vote the same as you AFTER you do it, the more it helps you.

Oh, you cannot vote unless you've purchased something from one of the other woot sites (, or so to really get somewhere you need to go buy something, say a shirt ($10), though occasionally there are cheaper items if $10 is too much of a cover charge.


@baqui63: "the more it helps you." "Higher is better."
OK, so I'll ask the unasked: Why?
Does higher get faster service, special deals, more discount?
Other than striving for popularity, is there something NOT esoteric we are to attain(and DON'T say 'enlightenment' or there will be trouble!) :)


@havocsback: If you have to ask you can't afford it. No, wait - that's in reference to something else. Faster service? Nope. Special deals? Nope More discount? Perhaps a little gift from JumboWoot. Or not.

I would suggest just "striving" for your own personal gratification. Of course, you can do that anytime in the privacy of your own home. You don't need to be on deals.woot to do that. And there's nothing esoteric involved. Well, maybe there is, but that's between you and only you. No one else.



Why not? Or maybe it's Because.

The "more it helps you" was as in "the more it helps you get a higher number for your reputation." "Higher is better" as in "a higher numerical value for reputation means a better reputation."

I don't think there are any real perks, though maybe one or more of the coupon codes I've gotten are a result of my 98+ rep. I doubt it though; more likely relatively random.

It certainly isn't a popularity contest, at least not for me, because I don't give a crap whether my rep is higher or lower than anyone else (ie. I'm not competeing with anyone else).

Don't get me wrong: I think it would be cool to get my name on the leaderboard as one of the top fourteen, but it isn't worth much outside of this world, and even in this world it isn't worth all that much.