questionswhich is a better breakfast staple: eggs or…


Normally I have oatmeal. Takes 65 seconds to microwave. Slightly longer than cold cereal but more filling, so I'll spare the extra minute or so.


If you are talking about health, eggs are much better than cold cereal. A better contest is between whole oats (the kind you cook) and eggs. Eggs still win out by a narrow margin, that protein number is hard to beat. But whole oats are a strong contender. If you want a really good breakfast, have a couple of eggs and some whole oats. Most mornings I make a couple eggs, either over easy with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper., or scrambled with pico de gallo. Plus one for the dog. On cold mornings I often make oatmeal, with brown sugar and half and half. Throw on some pecans and cranberries if they are in the cabinet.


In my fantasy life, eggs. In my real life, it's nearly lunchtime and I haven't eaten yet.


If the question is "eggs or cereal" the only possible answer is yes!

Breakfast, anytime, is great. And since it's "the most important meal of the day" why not all day?

I love both and will continue to eat both, though normally not at the same time.


@mtm2: Oh I love breakfast for dinner. :)


For me I love a good sunny side up egg between two pieces of toasted wheat bread with butter and spicy mustard!


I like to boil eggs ahead of time and bring them in to work with me. They stay good for about 3 days. My body isn't ready to eat until about 9am so I eat breakfast at work. If I don't have eggs then I have some Greek yogurt. Cereal is tasty but I'd have to eat that at home so I don't bother with it.


@gt0163c: I'm always starving 20 minutes after eating a bowl of oatmeal. For me, it's too many carbs, not enough protein (even when made with milk.)


@moondrake: I can't agree that eggs win the health prize of this battle, while I will openly admit I am not a nutritionist (not even close), I've decided to eat healthy for the last 2 years due to major health risks that a someone my age shouldn't be seeing yet.
I was told to lay off the cholesterol, drastically, so my daily egg I used to eat, has gone, now it's maybe a few egg whites on the weekends, and then I have a high fiber cereal w/ non fat soy milk during the week.

Ah, I miss my egg sandwich every morning


@spikedknight: Depends on what day it is as to what the "current" consensus is about eggs and "healthy".

I have a friend that ran into some problems (in his late 60s) and his doctor told him "if it tastes good, spit it out".

I've decided to eat and enjoy; amazing the cholesterol level doesn't creep up but that's what medication is for!


@mtm2: I know, that's been a debate for decades.

All I know is my situation, I had alarming high levels of bad cholesterol when I had my 30 yr check up 2 years ago. Among countless major other dietary changes, I reduced my egg intake and am much better today, still on blood pressure med's, but that's all.
I agree with your statement though, I choose to eat food that is good, I just make sure it's not in excess, and I make sure to balance things better (ie no burger kick weeks anymore....)

But as for the original question. I finally need that time in the morning with my coffee to wake up, so spending 5 minutes to make a hot breakfast doesn't cut into my time. yawn


The correct answer is Bacon
It's always bacon.

@tippypaws: I recall reading in some health thing somewhere that Protein in the morning is better for women, while Carbs are better or men.

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@spikedknight: In the nutrition circles I used to frequent when I was working to take charge of my food intake, it is widely felt that t your cholesterol number has a whole lot more to do with your biology than food intake. I found that personally to be true. I used to never eat eggs, I don't like them. With my desire to increase my protein intake to 30% of my calories, I needed their protein, so I went from zero eggs per week to 14 whole eggs per week for about a year and a half. My cholesterol, which has always been around 65-75 combined, didn't change at all. I was only getting the number from giving blood regularly, I never bothered to pay get the breakdown, so I don;t know how much is "good" cholesterol and how much is "bad", but at least for me the eggs had no negative impact on my health, only benefits. My blood pressure and heart rate also tend to be low, though, even when I am overweight. Lucky.


@spikedknight: Can't you pound egg whites all day and not affect your cholesterol levels? I thought all the fat and cholesterol was in the yolks.


@curtisuxor: I think that's true, that's like having a cupcake w/o the frosting, still good, just, lacking

Just kidding, I can't say the yolk tastes good, but no yolk, no butter, it's not quite the same, ya know? But I do agree, a simple bowl of cereal does not stick with me as long as a heartier breakfast.
And I'm a home chef wannabe, so we have great meals w/ egg whites, and since myself and my gf both have blood pressure/cholesterol (some of which is inherited), we aim to eat healthy as much as we can.


@trekmiss: Have to agree with "toaster pastries" (I use generic sometimes). Great for an on-the-run breakfast with zero prep time.


Eggs, scrambled with peas and some leftover salmon tossed in if I have it. I also have an instant cereal oats quinoa bunch of other non gluten stuff mix that I switch in every third morning or so with Greek yogurt on the side.


@j5: Nope. Protein for breakfast is better for both.
BTW, the "whole grains" myth is bad for you.
There are no nutrients in weeds that are better for you than you can find in colored veggies.
Better fiber and vitamins in brocolli vs wheat bread, etc.
I do like me some Cheerios. With raisons and banana slices. But if you look at the big breakfast picture of a "balanced" diet, take out the cereal and you have a better meal.