questionsisn't this an amazing discount?!?


I just saved over $10,000!

Thank you :)


Darn it! I just bought one at the regular price and now they go marking it down by an effective 100%? Hope I can return my $4300 measuring cup!


Wow. I wish they could do the same thing with CARS.


meh, it's not sold by amazon, it's sold by a 3rd party. They do that kind of stupid crap all the time.


I found a leather ottoman at that was on sale for only a bit over $60,000 a few months ago. Snapped those puppies up quickly! Then I bought a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge!


Well, it is a Wonder-Cup. It's in the name. :)


Only 1 left in stock--order soon.


That is an amazing deal!


Only 3.5 stars from reviewers. Will have to pass this once in a lifetime offer.


How much would you expect to pay for this miracle of modern technology? ... Wait, isn't there supposed to be a .99 somewhere?


I am considering buying 20 of these so that I can save over $80,000! If I buy just 20 each year, I can live off the money I save! Retirement is no longer an issue. I will probably buy 50 of these and use the money I save to pay off the mortgage on my house.

Again thank you so much for this great deal! You have changed my life. Whenever I see people with money problems I will tell them about this. Buy one and save over $4000 - it's like free money!!


Dangit! I just paid full price a week ago!


Made in China, probably lost something in the currency conversion...