questionswhere are sponsored deals born and why do…


Asked last month. And I still stand by my reasoning which can be found on the question linked in the previous sentence.


it's publicity. ask around hollywood, any publicity is good publicity.
they (the sponsors) are paying to be on the list. deals.woot is just taking their money. recently (last few months) there was a campaign to see if we could make one certain sponsor the highest negative vote holder for multiple postings--it worked for a while (-800+votes that original day) and they had the next highest negative vote count too. but we all remember who that one sponsor is which is what they are wanting--name recognition, and maybe a few more customers.


Somewhere or other, I answered this, in the long ago time, and I'm off to slumberland, or else I'd dig out the specific thing.

In a nutshell, "sponsored deals" are the direct descendants of "Side Deals" (which are no longer visible from the main site, and more's the pity for that). Jumbowoot, in a previous incarnation, was the person in charge of Side Deals. They were deals that were offered in addition to the regular woot, and there was, as I recall, a Wine Woot side deal in addition to the regular Woot side deal. OWC and World of Watches were some of the offerings.

I may come back in the morning with far more detail, but I'm guessing that some enterprising soul will dig up the old questions/answers while I'm asleep. Or not.

As to why they get voted down, and yet keep returning, I'd say that it's because they get enough business from the visibility to make it worth their while.


Isn't Woot owned by Ebay or Amazon????? That's the answer...


@davebrik99: Actually not really... Woot was acquired by Amazon in June of 2010 and prior to that there were sponsored deals and side deals.