questionswhat do you think of the boston red sox playing…


I think there's definitely something to be said for tradition!
Here's to another 100 years, and may we all be there to experience the 200th anniversary!!! :D


It is pretty amazing if you think about it. In a society that seems to not relish tradition as it once did, it is impressive that it has not only lasted but flourished as the years have gone by...


I think it is amazing that the tradition has lasted so long. But I just think it's a shame that it costs so much to experience it. It is astonishing how much Fenway Park makes, and how little of that is given back to the fans. From where it stands it looks like the tradition will continue for years. Even though it is pricey to visit this park, the experience is unsurpassed. I encourage every baseball fan to visit Fenway at least once in their life!


@eraten: While I agree, can you blame them? If you had sold out 37,500 seats, 700+ consecutive games since May 2003, why wouldn't you charge more?

Fenway Park is simply amazing to me, and I look forward to my yearly trip(s) there. Luckily I live in RI, and it's only about an hour trip to get there.