questionswhat other crazy, yet plausible, inventiontions…


I want a machine that will filter out all political commercials AND programs of any type.


feed mayo to tuna, boom, instant tunafish sandwich


The comments on the site for the Flat D Products are hilarious - or else I am having a melt-down - whichever. I laughed until I cried.


Yeah, that's just what you all want isn't it. Me to divulge all my secret inventions so you can run off and patent them and make a mint with As Seen on TV. HA! I'm on to you.


@mikechris ... Damn it... You ruined everything! :) (Of course, watch someone capitalize on my nose plug idea!)


@jsimsace... Yup! But, I would have been able to correct the typo if the folks at Woot would FIX THE IPAD ENTRY ISSUES!
Seriously, you can not up/ down vote comments nor edit questions and/ or responses.... VERY frustrating... I (and others) have made these issues known but have received no comment from them. I'm guessing it is a very low priority for them... Off subject a bit, but shortly after the recent site update, when these problems began, they had one of their Woot polls asking how many people use Woot from an IPad... The result was about 10%... Therefore the low priority.... So, long story short, 10% of us need to pay extra attention to our questions and comments... We don't get a second chance to edit! I will now step down from my soapbox! Rant over...


Rant received and acknowledged. Sometimes there is no substitute for a decent desktop with IE. (Not trying to start a disagreement here.) I would like to see thought controlled's close. I can't type worth a .... nevermind. I can't say that here. Have a safe and happy 4th if you get to have a day off!

EDIT: If you tattle your question @thunderthighs or @inkycatz will fix it for you. They are both awesome like that.