questionsis it just me, or does the price of handbags…


Yes - in the past three or four years, the prices have escalated by a large amount. And, names I used to love and wish I could have are now producing stuff that is not worth the money. I do find, however, that the imitation leather looks and feels pretty much like the real thing, and the cheap bags look fairly good.


guess that answers my question. yes, i am very cheap. the last purse i bought new was $20 at walmart 20ish years ago. then i stopped carrying a purse completely. still got that one, and it still looks as nice as when i was carrying it then. (real leather)


I find that paying $250 for a bag is outrageously high, so yes, finding said bag for $300-$500 is extremely high as well.


You could always try Marshalls. I've found nice leather purses there for $40-$70.


Yes, and I would add shoes to that list. Some are more than my mortgage payment!