questionsquick trip to dfw tomorrow, should i drop in on…


give us plenty of warning now


Last time I offered to visit Woot! I was told they don't allow customer pickups. I said I drive a sedan but it didn't seem to make a difference...


Woot does not really exist in the same reality as the rest of us.


If the Woot staff is willing to show you around, I think a lot of us would love to hear the story and see the pictures.


So I'm sitting here in the lobby waiting to see if I can get a tour. May not have been enough warning.


Well, I got the grand tour! It was quite interesting, but I have no photos. The most interesting part was seeing the shirt area. I saw A Beast's Beseechment Remix being printed. It looks great! I saw Ken Jenning's giant head, too. I met some deals.woot folks, but in my shyness I forgot to get names. I wish I had remembered to ask. Oh yeah, I thought it was funny that several cubicles seemed to have a Razor scooter parked by it, and one guy had a very comfy big chair in his cubicle. Thank you, Dennis, from service@woot for taking the time to show me around today.


Dude, they should put golden tickets in random woots throughout the year. Then once a year, the gates of Woot open up to the lucky few. Once inside they will receive the ultimate BOC, like the legendary ones people have got over the years.

Actually, all I want to do is confirm that half the warehouse is actually Roomba, Dyson and Sansa products.


@wootfast: Ok I sent an email to service@woot and am posting this here. I will be stopping by Woot between 1:00-1:30 this afternoon. I know it's short notice, sorry. I will not be offended if it's too short notice. Just let me know.


I just wanna hear what happened!


If you email customer service, they may be able to give you a tour!


Stranded at the Pearly Gates, are you?


Get pictures and share!!!


dont forget the woot parking pass, ask around, someone might have one.


That is so cool! Not many companies would be willing to give a customer (even a long-standing one who has bought tons of stuff) a tour like that, let alone on such short notice. Woot is awesome when it wants to be. I'm glad it worked out and you got to see it. Color me jealous!