questionsstance on "the 5 second rule" ?


Sometimes when I drop food, I actually count to six before picking it up and eating it. I like to live dangerously.


a) Even if it's my last bite after I thought I was done eating, I'll go for that dropped food.
b) For dry food, 5 second rule applies. For wet food, no minimum time is good.
c) 5 seconds is good.


Only done at my house (table and floor) and it isn't limited to 5 seconds:

But it depends on the food. I used to make the distinction between wet food and dry food, but now I don't. If it's cheap, I throw it out. If it was really expensive, I'll pick it up and study it with my flashlight and remove bits of dirt and hair that get stuck on it. If it's too dirty to pick clean, I'll wash it off with water and sear the outsides on a frying pan.

The other day I was in this dilemma with food that fell right in between my limit between expensive and cheap enough to throw away. On the way home, I bought a roast beef sandwich from a deli. I was starving and only took three or four bites before it fell. It tasted just okay, not great. It must have been at least a full 2 minutes of me just staring at it. Before I could make a decision, kitty snuck up and took a few bites. She made the decision for me. I left a little bit of meat for her and threw the rest out. It was close though...very close.


a) 5-second rule always (unless it's soup or something wet/liquidy... I am NOT gonna zamboni that)

b) Only dried food (cheez-its, etc)

c) Never... I don't know how well they clean the tables and if they even switch out the cloths they use to clean the table... what if they use that same cloth for something gross??


If it's at home, there is no specific time limit. Depends on what it was and how much I want it. The more I want it, the longer wait time is acceptable. Strengthens my immune system!

At a restaurant, 5 second rule applies to the table most of the time, but not the floor. Probably no different than what probably happened to it back in the kitchen.

I also don't go pitching food on the buffet after 20 minutes because it has fallen below safe temp levels either. And I don't pitch food after 2 days in the fridge. If it still smells good and doesn't have mold, it's dinner. We have had yogurt (still sealed and refrigerated) six months past its date.


Everyone knows the germs really do count to 5 ...

5 Second Rule


I watched Mythbusters. I won't eat anything that hits the floor.

@narfcake: Got it! Would you believe I have to explain it?


What doesn't kill you only makes you stranger. No five second rule here! I calls 'em as I sees 'em.


@publicart: I must be very strange indeed. :)


If you can't get there in 5 seconds, just drop it again and pick it up within 5 seconds. The Germ Reset Button!


I seem to recall reading that Americans are getting exposed to fewer and fewer germs due to the wide availablility of harsh cleaning products, hand washing and hand sanitizer.

Basically, we need germs to help our system build immunity. This is a truly a case of "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".


Is it just me or... Does your food fall on the floor good side down?
Buttered bread - Butter side hits the floor
Dip on a cracker - Dip always lands first
And if it does, do you still pick it up and eat it?


Humans didn't survive this long by only eating sterilized food. Homeless people eat out of dumpsters all the time. They don't even have access to health care and they're still kicking. Germs are everywhere. I say, eat them before they eat you.


I don't eat food that's been dropped on the floor. Unless it is in the kitchen and I drop something that isn't cooked yet and is important, in which case I wash it off. Sometimes veggies like to roll off the cutting board. At restaurants I won't even eat food that's touched the table. I have seen the nasty rags they wipe tables down with and I am not eating food that's touched any surface they have. But I'm terribly squeamish, I don't eat or drink after anyone, religiously throw out any prepared food on the third day, throw meat out of the freezer if it's been there for more than a few months. My friend eats food dropped on the floor, even wet food if it's something like pizza toppings. I have seen him leave a hamburger in his desk drawer on Friday and eat it on Monday. He left a container of homemade chicken soup out for days and only stopped eating it when he opened it and it was bubbling. But even he draws the line at restaurant floors.


I'm pretty open about it. The way I see it I'm strengthening my immune system.


All of you who eat food that's been dropped on the floor: clearly, none of you own dogs. :) Even if I wanted to eat something that I'd dropped on the floor, it's no longer on the floor by the time that my brain registers that I dropped it.

The "five second" rule in my house is: I have five seconds to give something to the dog who didn't grab the dropped food!


As long as I don't loose sight of it, there is no time limit. If something falls on a restaurant table, though.. it depends on the restaurant. The rags many places wipe down tables with are nasty.


I was at a RenFest.
And was going hard at fat smoked Turkey leg.
Tore off a big chunk that had a good bit of outside brown on it (the part with no skin and closest to the flame)
Then dropped it.
On the sawdust/gravel.
I stared at it, hand poised, for what seemed like minutes, debating.
Then my wife smacked me and said "you ARE NOT eating that"

So...depends on the value of it (not the price)
(and if anyone is looking)

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