questionsfeature request: (un)subscribe to thread button


Definitly a consideration. Unsubscribe link in email does that function currently on a per thread basis.


@snapster: I don't know if I Like that idea. then it is just like a forum. I like the fact that you HAVE to comment on the thread to subscribe. Shows you are actively involved.


@hobbit: I disagree. There are threads I want to follow but where I don't think I can add to the conversation anything useful that hasn't already been said. I'd like to subscribe without the rigmarole.


While I can see @hobbit's point, I do like the idea of a subscribe button - and as a quieter/newer member, I often find that I might be interested in a thread but not have something good/interesting to contribute. I would much rather have the option of subscribing than have to spam other users with a useless comment.


Couldn't you just vote for a thread you want to subscribe to? Then look at your votes and have a list of things you want to follow, with bolded # of comments to indicate new activity.


@chris12345: I guess my argument is that your idea promotes more lurking and less active involvement in the community. That makes this just like any other forum. I was so hoping deals would be different. I really think we should stay outside the proverbial box and require active involvement, it is what makes this place different and special.


@hobbit: I disagree. It would allow lurking, sure, but this is the Internet. People are going to lurk. They can lurk now. I'm not sure that's a bad thing. A watch/follow/subscribe button would just make it easier for me, you, and everyone to follow a topic when we don't have anything to say ourselves.

edit: And in general, I think that if people do lurk, read, and learn, they'll be better informed should they decide to actively participate.