questionshave you seen amazon's homepage?


So, Amazon will pay 2k a year for four years toward Nursing degree, but "does not apply to Bachelors or Master's degree coursework." So no BSN in Nursing? I definitely need another cup of coffee because obviously I'm as dense as they come this morning.

I guess the most important part is to be hired by Amazon and stay employed there for 3 years before one is eligible. Once someone is over that hurdle, this sounds like a pretty nifty program.


I think it is nifty just because they are throwing their weight around. Most major companies will pay for something if it contributes to the company or job field. Amazon is saying, work for us for 3 years and not only willl you get paid but we will help you toward something for your future.


There's a slight tone of arrogance undermining the entire paper. Albeit, the founder has everything to back up what he says. They are a very successful and smart company, and will probably succeed in this.


" such as aircraft mechanics, computer-aided design, machine tool technologies, medical lab technologies, nursing, and many other fields."

I don't know about this. Except for nursing, these fields are all being outsourced to Asia. And in South Florida, most of our nurses come from the Caribbean islands.


@olperfesser: I think that shipping your plane to Asia to have it serviced would be pretty cost-prohibitive. But maybe if you've got a plane you just don't care and will spend all that money to crate it up and send it to China to have the service done. Or maybe not.


Yeah, as long as you don't get fired for failing to meet "efficiency" standards in Amazon warehouses. This is silly in the light that Amazon fulfillment centers have repeatedly been called out for being one of the most brutal and cut throat places to work with a long history of coercing employees into not reporting medical issues and then firing them for not being able to keep up due to their injuries.

This whole little blurb stinks of Amazon kool-aid. Not a fan of "Jeff" either.

One of many:

Ugh, I have the monday grumpies.


Brb, getting a job at Amazon. See you guys in 3 years!


Sounds a bit like tooting ones own horn ... A nifty leaked internal document might have gone farther for folks to talk about how amazon was doing something cool. If someone else brings it up you get the credit they give you I guess. If you toot your own horn it limits it how much credit people might get you


@zuiquan: As an aircraft mechanic I have seen a lot of jobs lost due to outsourcing to Asia. American Airlines most likely will make this move in the scope of their current bankruptcy. It is not the everyday maintenance that is leaving, its what are called C and D checks, or heavy maintenance checks. These inspections are very labor intensive depending on type of airframe and scope of the check even if no parts are changed labor canbe over $1mil. , and the cheap cost of labor makes it very attractive to airlines to outsource that work. in some of the shops over in Asia the labor costs are less than a third of U.S. shops, cheaper maintenance allows the airlines to stay competitive.


@olperfesser: One thing to keep in mine with aircraft mechanic is Amazon's headquarters location. Both Amazon and Boeing have their headquarters located in the Seattle area. For the rest of the country there might not be a large continual demand for this job since it is limited to working at airports and depending on the size of your regions airport they may not have a large service crew. Boeing however constructs their new planes in the Seattle area so there is a greater demand for worker in this field in their area of Amazon's headquarters.


Good but..
They only pay for coursework for an associate's degree or technical certification. I'm happy that they only pay for careers that are defined as "in demand" by the BLS.

I'm a bit surprised that they include nursing in here. There are some programs that transition people from some other degrees and a few that just grant an RN, but they are few and very far in between. A BSN is what employers (or more correctly employers you would want to work for) are looking for.


Up vote because I probably wouldn't have seen this if not for this question. This is just another reminder that I find cool stuff on the deals.woot pages, even if I've found the rest of woot to be capturing less of my interest lately.

On topic, this is hands down a great move by Amazon, though I agree that it's a little self congratulatory to put it on their homepage like this... makes me think they have an ulterior motive, but hey, they can have the good PR if the program is actually good. Hopefully it makes a difference to a lot of people.


It made me think "there must be a motive" too. Will they be hiring for those new warehouses I keep hearing about? Plant some "this is a good job that will pay for college" thoughts in peoples heads.

Seemed like alot of fine print. I skimmed it and did not read all of it. I thought it was a weird thing to put on the home page.


There must be a catch.....isn't there always one in anything that sounds good?