questionsdid you guys know that the uss enterprise has…


In the ocean, perhaps. Among the stars, I think not.

I like the note at the end about it being the second-oldest commissioned ship in the Navy. Right behind Old Ironsides, which is 215.


I can't believe they are actually going to scrap her. Also, its never made sense to me that we decommisssion ships before their replacements are ready. The Ford won't be ready until 2015, assuming it doesn't get scrapped during budget cuts. Now if I remember my numbers...(carry the one)...that's still three years down the road.


The Enterprise (carrier) is an odd duck amongst the nuclear powered aircraft carriers. The rest of the U.S. carriers have two big reactors. Enterprise has 6 small ones. Given that, and the fact that the hull is 50+ years old, she is an nightmare to keep afloat and operational. In short, we can't afford to keep her in commission. Likewise, it would cost a fortune to remove all the reactor components so she could be a museum.

This is the future of the U.S. military. We just can't afford anything like what we have had in the last 50 years.


@sgtgreeneusmc: Remember, ships are now like "horses and bayonets." All I know is when I was working on special weapons it sure felt nice knowing there was a pier full of marines with bayonets attached to shotguns watching our six.


@wilfbrim: If I remember correctly, Big E was originally outfitted with 8 reactors and at her last overhaul they took her down to 4 operational reactors. Problem being is that between 4 reactors they had 3 different types represented so, they had nukes that were only qualified to work on one of the reactors and not all of them.


The Enterprise stopped at NAS Mayport (Jax, FL) for one final time and it was nice to see a flat top in the Mayport Basin again, where one belongs...

The Bataan came in a day later for the Georgetown vs. UF basketball game this coming weekend - cool to see two types of carriers in port at the same time for a day.


I think it's a shame that they're not turning it into a museum, but I guess they have to tear out so many bulkheads to get the nuclear reactors out of there, that it's just not feasible. That's one of the most famous ships in the navy. It's a shame.

"You think they'll build another one?"
"Plenty of letters left in the alphabet."


Someone needs to tell Jeffrey Archer he needs to get a new one out there.


First of all, the Star Trek inside me thought that it was about the USS Enterprise.

But back to topic, that is really a bittersweet news indeed. I was able to visit the USS Midway down at San Diego a few months ago and that ship is truly a marvel to be in. I think that the USS Enterprise should also become a museum but given by the facts from @wilfbrim then I suppose that is why it isn't going to be one.


After reading the article, it does seem a shame to scrap her out. Maybe we can use some of the scrap money to help finish the Ford.


@kbsig106: Howdy, neighbor. Keep your fingers crossed that in the coming years the Navy will decide to spend the money for dredging. It's sad to drive out to Mayport and see just a big empty space where "Big John" once was.

The Navy needs to spread the wealth and transfer a carrier or two out of VA if for no reason other than to prevent another Pearl Harbor type of attack. The north Florida area has the room to support the service members (and dependent families) assigned to a carrier and the communities here care about the military. Unfortunately, politics ruins everything

With the way the nukes are designed, too much of the ship must be dismantled/removed in order to pull the reactors, which is a shame. It just isn't financially feasible to turn her into a museum as many suggested.