questionswhere did my question go...again?


At the risk of getting this one deleted - what was your question about?


@thumperchick It was a question about the free tag added to a deal he posted. And words about that particular tag. As I recall. Specifics would probably get this deleted, too.

@studerc Ahhhh, they don't 'hate' you. Any more than they hate me. Stops. Thinks a bit. Looks around. Slams mouth shut. :-X

Nevermind. :-/


Don't take it so hard. My first reply was deleted.....darned replacement mods.

@thumperchick: I'll go out on a was about this deal. IDK ╚(•⌂•)╝


@all This was as mentioned before, about the BWW deal I posted earlier today. I had no problem with it being sent to the free tag oblivion, however I still wanted it to be known to the wootizen population. I created a question asking if people were aware of the give away promotion to help spread the word. Apparently woot mods hated that and deleted the question. I had no idea why they deleted the question, thus I asked a question about it to help clear things up. Mods again decided that they were going to delete the question, again without informing me of why it was being deleted. And still now, here I sit, waiting for someone to tell me what I did wrong. I've never been censored like this on woot before and I would like an explanation. Simply ridiculous. What a joke.


@jsimsace.....Going out on your limb, saw in hand. If this question gets deleted now, hours after it was asked...the onus is on you. Most could have found the deal by looking through his deals.

I know, I know, it's not MY place to be the faux board police either. Sorry.


Trust me, with the way these mods have been treating me the past few hours, it wouldn't surprise me if it got axed. My original tag is still there which leads me to believe they haven't got here yet.


@gmwhit: Thank you ma'am, but I already took that into scope when I posted. If it's personal they will take down his question. If it's deal-related they will take down my response. BTW, have I told you lately how cute you're looking ? (•‿•)


@jsimsace: You are too kind, sir! You might be correct about the reasons for various & sundry deletions. On the other hand, consistency is not their strong suit. One mods 'delete' is another mods 'let it be.' Harken back to the lack of official rules?

Cute, huh? Why thank you! And you appear to be gaining in the handsome & witty areas.

Slamming mouth shut. Again. Am considering duct tape now....


@studerc: Want to know the reason that your question was deleted?

Historically, moderators will delete any question that gives a deal an unfair advantage. Thus your question that was pointing to your deal gave your deal the unfair advantage of having it "posted" twice (once on the deals side and once on the questions side). The deals woot staff in the past have stated that having a deal mentioned in a question gives it double exposure and gives the deal an unfair advantage in the "popular" deal race.


@theoneill555: Excellent response. Thank you.

@studerc: I posted the above explanation in both of the threads before deleting them. It is unfortunate that you did not receive those notifications.


@jumbowoot: Unfortunately, I didn't receive either of those explanations either. The first question was deleted almost immediately. I was in the process of answering it when the "Yikes" screen appeared. Didn't see your explanation. Ditto the 2nd question. I am thankful that you allowed THIS question to remain so we could finally see why the 1st 2 were deleted.

Re: The issue of the "popular deal race" - this deal, in essence, wouldn't be in that race w/the free tag. At least it wouldn't be in the Top tab because free tagged deals are eliminated from that tab. That means that it would have GREAT difficulty becoming the top deal for that day. You're 'racing' w/a flat tire in this case. ;-)


@jumbowoot: I will also echo the idea that I failed to receive any sort of notification from you regarding the deletion of my questions. Was not very pleased to receive no form of communication.