questionswhen item is added to cart the price is higher…


Sometimes online prices change after the deal is posted. This might happen the same day or later on. It can happen when available stock is depleted and the newer stock is sourced from a different supplier. Price changes frequently fluctuate on Amazon items. There is no hard-and-fast rule, just the reality of online retailing.


The tiki torch was mine. It was a daily deal that expired and was then RIPd.


Best thing to do in that case is to tattle on the deal so it can be expired. This will help prevent other people from running into the same problem and help with your deals.woot rep at the same time.

Unfortunately though it seems like a lot of deals that are posted change very quickly and it could be because they are using the item to draw attention to their site and once traffic picks up, the price is changed. Since it is for an online retailer they can change the price instantly once they get the desired effect from the deal. Deal sites that share the deals (deals.woot for example) cause this to happen faster due to the mass awareness gained.