questionswould a taser be a good weapon against a zombie?


Short answer, they'd be a terrible choice.

From what little I know about electroshock weapons:
1.) a drive stun would rely on pain tolerance to incapacitate the victim. Zombies do not care much for pain, if at all.
2.) an actual TASER would just cause involuntary muscle contractions. Even if effective at stunning the zombie, is a poor decision over destroying it since TASERs require batteries, something not available in unlimited quantities.

I think perhaps a good-sized, lightweight blunt object would perhaps be more efficient if the sole purpose is to defend oneself rather than hunt. Don't know much but those are just my thoughts.


I usually don't read zombie questions, but if you could ramp it up so their head explodes then I'd go for it.


Doubtful. If a gunshot doesn't stop them, a taser certainly wouldn't. You might slow them down a bit but that's all.

A taser generally shoot darts attached to small wires and is a one-time use only device. You can replace the cartridges but then the zombie you just zapped while replacing that cartridge is no longer getting the current.

A stun gun can be used multiple times but it's only good for close range and I wouldn't risk getting that close to a zombie.

Stun guns and tasers are classified as "less than lethal" defensive weapons. You'll need something lethal to stop a zombie.

If you don't have a shot gun (with a lot of ammo) that can remove the head, get yourself a machete or similar weapon.


@xdavex: How could an electric shock make their heads explode? All that would happen is their muscles would contract, and I don't think there are enough muscles surrounding the skull to crush it, much less make it explode. Even if the skull is weakened by decay and general zombie wear-and-tear.

This would make a good mythbusters though.