questionsgoodnight, john-boy!


Goodnight Mary Ellen! We do this in our house sometimes and my kids have never even seen the Waltons. But they know the names of the characters!


@gideonfrost: How could you hate a show with two old ladies making homemade hooch? What a riot that was! And a local joint called the DewDrop Inn? But it was a depiction of rural life and as I grew up in a rural area we thought it was a pretty awesome show.


@caron7: Maybe because it signaled the end of cartoons on Saturday Mornings.


@gideonfrost: Hmm... not sure how that is related? But I hated anything that interfered with Saturday Morning cartoons - even dropped out of dance classes so I wouldn't miss George of the Jungle. LOL


used to hate football or baseball season when sports would interfere with cartoons on saturday morning.