questionsnow that it's over, could this have been theā€¦


Hahahaha! Don't you know that every woot-off is The Worst Woot-off Ever!
Next month's still has to top (or undercut?) this one.


Pretty sure that every woot off is the considered the worst woot-off ever. People will ALWAYS find something to complain about. Whether its the deals, the lack of deals, the monkeys, the BOC, the mods, whatever, people will always complain. People will continue to complain so long as hand outs are still awarded. For example: some people decide they are tired of it all, they announce that they will be leaving, woot staff gives them something to have them everyone has to vocalize their actions.

Today, I'm going to post deals, ask questions, and write comments I've had enough. If woot gods would like to bestow a gift on me for this, by all means.

EDIT: Now people have expectations. If woot (who can do whatever they darn well please) wants to switch things up, they will. People need to get over the fact that they are not the ones in control.

If I've offended you that was not my intention, just ranting and raving know me.


@studerc: I will do the same thing, I have given up on woot-off's. I like the community here and the deals that are posted.


As others have said, every Woot-Off seems to be "the worst Woot-Off ever"

The title seems basically meaningless at this point. The way I see if: if you find something good during a Woot-Off, horray. If you didn't, oh well, always next time.

You can't please everyone.


Since every one is the worst one ever, then yes! Unless you wanted headphones or a refurb TV or a refurb laptop. Then, for you it would have been the best one ever!


This is like people complaining about television shows that they don't like being on television. If you don't like the Woot-Off, don't go to the Woot-Off.


Well, I can say that this was the costliest woot-off for me. Now that more wineries are shipping to MD and that MD raised its alcohol sales tax to 9%, wine.woot FTW! And, the $5 all day shipping really made me jump on a lot of woots that I wouldn't have otherwise.


"Worst Woot-Off Ever" until next month, of course.


To be honest.. I didn't really get to watch the other sites (home, sport, kids, etc) as much as I could have because I was pretty much either F5-ing the main page, assembling the map or looking for iPhone 5 cases (which is sooooo hard to find these days!!!).

So yeah, I missed a lot.

Also, only two crap (technically like 1 1/2) outs? Definitely much more less than traditional woot-offs and even from Twitter/Facebook rollouts. Not sure what the numbers are though since the 2nd (technically "the one and only") bag was up for a few minutes.

So yeah, that's somewhere in the ranks of "worst woot-off whatsoever".. the WWW.

By the way, who's the guy who came up with the game idea? I'd say it was pretty nice.. there should be other variations to get craps instead of directly selling them.. maybe there should be a suggestion box somewhere here.

Ahh.. my sentence skills sucks right now I'm like half awake, just woke up.. it's like sleep typing.


today is a different day!

(ETA: plz don't rain downvotes. i am just so excited that it's done.)


@joshobra: theoretically you could put that in "Beta Feedback" and it would find its way to the right ppl. but i can also just bellow it to the appropriate parties.

i also totally know that "sleep typing/half awake" feeling. i am with you in somnityping spirit.


@pemberducky: I want it to rain.

Hi, hi we're your community girls
Uh huh, and have we got news for you
Better listen get ready all you
Deal folks and leave that shipping
At home alright

Snarking is rising good will's getting
Low according to our sources the
Forum's the place to go cause tonight
For the first time just about half-past
Ten for the first time in history it's
Gonna start raining VOTES

It's raining votes hallelujah it's
Raining votes amen I'm gonna go out to
Post and let myself get absolutely
Silly here it's raining votes hallelujah
It's raining votes every question small
Long dark and deep thinky and tough
And trolling and mean

... ok I'll stop.


I've pretty much given up on them, so yeah I guess it was.